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The most stubborn SHS in Ghana

The most stubborn SHS in Ghana: In Ghana, students in Senior High School boast about how best they’re when it comes to academia and other activities that make students better when passing through the High School stage of education however the bad nuts that weaken the reputations of these public schools seems to be on the rise despite the school administrations trying to manage the students to follow the rules and regulations of each educational institution, some learners have made it almost impossible.

The country is having over 500 senior high schools across the regions and some of these schools have proved on several occasions that they’re great to give students the best education that will make them good leaders in the future. This has somehow helped many schools to create a reputation for themselves but the attitude of students despite their academic prowess seems to have effects on the reputation each school is building.

We’re going to dive into the stubborn senior high schools in Ghana that are known for shaking the reputations of their school despite the academic efforts in Ghana

These are the most stubborn SHS in Ghana

Presbyterian Boys Senior High School

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

This senior high school has amassed a huge reputation for itself since it came into existence as it was initially located in Odumase-krobo before relocating to Legon.

The school has been in existence for over 80 years which was founded in 1938 and it’s mostly known for its prefix ‘Presec’. They’re having about 6 National Maths and Science quiz trophies to their credit but they’re very stubborn.

Their attitude of misbehaving is seriously unmatched as they’re known for mischief and mostly do their antics outside the school while wearing school uniforms hence making them noticed.

Mfantsipim College

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

The school was established to foster moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth in students who passed through the institution as it was built by the Methodist church about 144 years ago but the boy’s students have carved a niche for themselves and are known for wooing ladies who cross their path

The Methodist Church founded the school in 1876 on Cape Coast, they’re also known as ‘Kwabotwe’ and has won the National Science and Maths Quiz in 1999 and 2014. They’re good in terms of academic excellence but daughters of eve can’t stand them without giving their hearts to the ladies ‘ men.

Achimota School

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

Yes, this school has developed great leaders in Ghana and was previously known as Prince of Wales College founded on January 28, 1927, by Gordon Guggisberg, Alec Garden Fraser, James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey and it’s a boarding school located at Achimota in the capital city of Ghana, Accra.

It has a great history of giving the country leaders as its alumni have Edward Akufo-Addo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, late Jerry John Rawlings, and others. The school is known for its numerous events as it has even been rumored that they don’t attend classes like the way they turn out at events

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Wesley Girls High School

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

Imagine ladies trying to compete guys it’s just something that you wouldn’t miss especially when it comes to competition. The school are known to be great when it comes to academics and mostly drag boys and mix school into the mud but they’re also very stubborn due to how they feel superior to others

It was by John Wesley in 1836 hence his name was placed on the school located in Cape Coast however the ladies feeling superior above others isn’t bad but it’s just something evident for people in another school to think they’re very bad. They think highly of themselves as they’re taught so hence it sends a negative signal when interacting with others.

Adisadel College

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

The school was founded in 1910 situated in Cape Coast, an Anglican education institution. Adisco as they’re mostly known can never be missed when dealing with the stubborn senior high school in Ghana. Their excellence in academics has been proved several times and has numerous National Science and Maths Quiz to their name.

The students are speculated to be jealous boyfriends in terms of being in a relationship with a lady and also known as the “Perfect Bad Boys” because they’re rowdy. Breaking laws is their habit but the grades of the students show that they’re brilliant.

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Accra Academy

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

The school was established in 1931 located in Bubuashie and it’s one of the stubborn senior high schools and a nondenominational day and boarding boys school. Since it came into existence its greatness has experienced a massive hike

The students are legends when it comes to aggression, they’ve built a reputation of aggressiveness hence when you confront them they don’t seize to face you with wildness and they’re indisciplined.

Prempeh College

The Most Stubborn Shs In Ghana

The only school in the Ashanti Region of Ghana that doesn’t seize pushing forward in everything. It was founded in 1949 by the Asanteman traditional authority and it’s an all-boys school and has amassed a good reputation for itself. about 60 percent of Ghana leaders passed through the institution and have about seven National Science and Maths Quiz to their credit.

When it comes to their grades in the WASSCE examination they’ve shown that they’re bosses and they’re very stubborn because they refuse to be defeated in everything


These schools are known to be very good in terms of academics but their stubbornness is above what you might have scaled or imagined. They’re very popular and mostly ride on their fame in several discussions that have popped up in any traditional or digital media due to their academic excellence

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