The net worth of Vladimir Putin is a matter of intrigue, but what exactly is his income? According to US Senate Judiciary Committee testimony in 2017, Bill Browder estimated that Putin’s net worth is about $200 billion, which would make him the richest man on earth. The president-elect also has ties to Russian oligarchs, and his income is difficult to measure. However, we can estimate how much Putin makes from his presidential work.

It was reported in December that former Hermitage Capital Management CEO Bill Browder estimated that Putin’s net worth is $200 billion. Browder has connections in Russia, and his firm was once the largest portfolio investor in the country. His net worth has increased over the years, but he still hasn’t disclosed how much money he makes from his business. Putin’s net worth has been a source of controversy, but he is undoubtedly an oligarch’s billions.

One theory claims that the Russian president is hiding his wealth from his country’s government by strongarming oligarchs. He may have threatened them with arrest if they didn’t hand over their money and stakes in companies. It is also possible that US intelligence agencies have tracked his assets for years. And if Putin’s net worth is so high, it could indicate that he is a successful businessman.

Aside from being an autocrat, Putin is also an accomplished martial artist. His interests in martial arts include Judo. Putin, who is 5feet 7 inches tall, trains every day. The president’s net worth may well exceed his earnings, as he continues to practice martial arts despite his age. It’s hard to imagine how the average man of Putin’s height can still maintain his figure.

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