The NPP & NDC have different ideologies but the same insensitivity” Nana Aba fires

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Every Ghanaian is fighting for the Country to be made a better place to be since things are getting tough each and everyday and Nana Aba is doing the most to find the way forward.

The highly rated journalist has since yesterday began a blasting All government officials for being greedy for thinking about only their pockets and not taking any step in putting some better measures in place to benefit the poor citizens.

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What’s so good about her campaign is that she isn’t advocating for any political party and her latest Twitter activity is a clear evidence she is trying to tell everyone both NDC and NPP who are the biggest political parties in the country are common when it comes to their sensitivity in power.

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According to her, when some allowances are being talk about to be raised for our parliamentarians, all our MPs both representatives of NPP and NDC will shout in joy and agree to it.b

But when same concern is raised from the camp of some professions the same MPs will be quick to label them as greedy workers who are not Putting the country first with their respective professions.

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When talk of remunerations for parliamentarians come up, all 275 shout Yeeeyee in unison.But let doctors/ nurses start, then suddenly they are selfish”. Nana Aba Stated.

The journalist went on to engage her followers in a conversation to find the way forward since both political parties have at least something in common which won’t lead the company anywhere in terms of development.

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“The insensitivity & greed the political elite have exhibited in this country for decades,will one day end. You can’t fool the people all the time”-Nana Aba Anamoah

“The NPP & NDC have different ideologies but they have insensitivity in common So, what is the alternative?” She added

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