The truth about Shatta Wale’s alleged secret relationship with Emelia Brobbey and everything you need to know

The current feud in the camp of Shatta Wale is gathering momentum that has led to Emelia Brobbey’s name popping up in the narrative as someone Shatta Wale is eating “low key”

Mag Luv a close associate of Shatta Wale who herself has said Shatta Wale has been her boyfriend has set heads spinning with her expose on deep seated issues within the Shatta Movement camp and how the breakup with Shatta Michy happened.

Mag Luv reaction come at the back of she saying she cannot take false accusations against her person anymore as being the one who masterminded Shatta Wale sending Michy away.

Mag Luv stated that Michy left because of something she did and was not kicked out as she has been peddling.

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She explained how Michy went to the hotel of Nigerian Singer Wizkid to see him with Majesty her son at a time she asked her not to go to such places.

When Shatta Wale confronted her, she stabbed Shatta Wale with scissors at the bank simply because Shatta Wale took her fone which contains evidence of her infidelity.

She accused her for doing drugs as the car she took from Shatta Wale was sold by her to buy drugs and even cheating with other men while she was with Shatta Wale.

Emelia Brobbey’s name coming in was a bit surprising because not for a second was Emelia Brobbey in anyway attached to Shatta Wale but “things dey happen undergee”

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Now in an interview Michy granted Emelia Brobbey almost 10 months ago, Emelia Brobbey asked her to stay something someone closer to her has done to that which rally broke her heart without naming the person.

Mag Luv said the question Emelia Brobbey asked at the time was a calculated attempt to bring her into the picture because there was this talk about she being the reason why Shatta Wale left Michy.

Mag Luv stated at one point when she and Michy met Emelia Brobbey in Kumasi she told Michy not to keep her eggs in one basket an idiomatic expression which means Michy should have other boys aside Shatta Wale.

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She stated Emelia Brobbey even went to the extent of pimping Michy to another man.

But even in all of these Mag Luv alleged Shatta Wale was bonking Emelia Brobbey something Shatta Michy didn’t know about but when she sees Michy she would be acting like a saint who cares about her, meanwhile she was sleeping with Shatta Wale as there are videos, audios and text to backed her allegations.

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