“The version of me you created in your head is not my responsibility’ – Efya said after she was accused of buying Moesha’s Range Rover for 15k

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In the whole brouhaha of Moesha Boduong repentance and issues about her mental health afterwards, one person who have come under attack based on a rumour is Efya.

An Instagram blogger alleged Efya in this case of Moesha has demonstrated that she cannot be a trusted friend.

The blogger known as Cutie Julls alleged Efya bought Moesha’s Range Rover For just 15,000 dollars when she knew Moesha was not in hhe right state of mind at the time.

Among other revelations is how Moesha sold her personal belongings to dash the money to the very church she attends.

  Efya Allegedly bought Moesha’s Range Rover for 15k Dollars at a Time She Knew Moesha was mentally unstable

Efya was dragged on social media based in this allegations for days.

Days on, Efya has taken to Twitter to share a post of which many have linked to the current happenings.

She shared a picture of herself with the caption “THE VERSION OF ME YOU CREATED IN YOUR HEAD .. IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY

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