The white girls don’t request for mobile money; Twene Jonas boldly declares and blasts Shatta Wale

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Be confident in yourself. Be brave. Be bold. Use your time wisely. Use your time wisely. Hone your skills. Value yourself for who you are. Keep your head up.

This is exactly what the vociferous gentleman Twene Jonas has been advocating for the youth. The man with many terms such as “Life is good in Heaven on Earth,” “Dollars nkooaa,” “The system is working 24/7,” “Glass nkooaaaa” and “Didi free Hw3 fomm.”

He has once again advised the youth to use their time judiciously and make it like him. Speaking in a live facebook post, he posited “The White girls don’t request for mobile money.

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If they like you, they just invite you into their homes. because the system is working and nobody is in need of your money.

This car is called bentley and Ghanaians have never seen some before. I am more popular in the united States and everybody knows me. it is the premium sports bentley not the ordinary one.”

“You need someone like me who will inspire the youth not Shatta Wale. A responsible person who champions the youth cause. You are hungry in the farm but when you come here, you drive a million dollar vehicle.

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The system is good here and even if you go for money rituals, you can only buy corolla x.”

“What i have done to Wale if anybody encourages you to come and insult me, your career will mess up. I admire Shatta Wale he has done well although he has been misbehaving and I want to correct him.”

You can watch the video below

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