There is a difference between being a Supporter of a Politician and Being a Slave, Social media user slammed NPP supporters for always defending their corrupt leaders

Following the brouhaha surrounding the Health Minister’s purchase of the Sputnik Vaccines, issues of corruption and the minister not doing due diligence has taken over the media space.

While some persons have asked the minister to resign and even be prosecuted, some NPP party activists have also come to the minister’s defense saying he acted in good faith and should be pardoned since the monies involved are going to be refunded.

President Akufo Addo himself on his recent visit to Brekum took turn to crack jokes about how Ghanaians are overly “slapping” the health minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu who is thus the MP for Dormaa central over the little lapse which occurred in his purchase of the vaccines.

The President maintained Kwaku Agyemang Manu is a hardworking minister, an indication that he is likely not going to sack him even as pressure mount on him to have him fired.

Host of Tv3’s Morning show Johnnie Hughes took to his Twitter page to question the feeling of NPP party members who were defending the minister from the onset that there was no payment made in purchasing the Sputnik Vaccines only to turn around to justify his actions after parliament probe has shown indeed there were payment made to some middlemen.

In response to the tweet, a follower came in with a comment saying being a fan of politician is one thing and being slave is another.

He maintained Ghanaians have become slaves to political leaders to the extent that even things that are detrimental to their own well being are defended because of Party affiliation.

His comment reads as follows;

There’s a difference between being a supporter of a politician and being a slave. Many have crossed to slavery without knowing it.
A supporter will point out mistakes to the leader. A slave continues shouting “Oh Yes! Oh Yes!
Most Ghanaians have become slaves to party leaders.

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