They are all hypocrites: Mensah Otabil, Obofuor, Obinim, Duncan Williams, Opambour fired by Captain Smart

Preachers are supposed to be courageously speaking the truth to our nation and to the flock concerning unfolding events in the world. If others do not understand, appreciate or accept their message and submissions that is entirely their problem and not his.

Most Ghanaians have this strong conviction that the clergy which comprises of both Christians and Muslims mostly aggressive in their criticism of the National Democratic Congres(NDC) party when they are in power as compared to the New Patriotic Party.

This notion is strongly conceived by hardcore supporters of the NDC who mostly tag the preacher men as either hypocritical or bias in their assessment of whichever government is in power.

The fearless one, true anti corruption campaigner and media person of Onua TV and FM, Captain Smart has paid back the clergy in their own coin by labeling them as hypocrites.

The truth is that there are very few real men of God and genuine Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian Pastors that will disagree with Captain Smart in his submission today, but I guess there are some who have a different agenda, who wish to play to the public gallery and who have decided to walk the easy path by denying the obvious.

He lambasted them vehemently and opined ”Somebody should wake Duncan William, Mensah Otabil, Bishop Agyin Asare, Bishop Owusu Bempah, Dag Heward Mills and the chairman of the Christian council up. I am saying this on authority, you are all hypocrites.”

The names of these prominent preachers indicates how serious this issue is.

He also commended the National chief imam for his magnanimity when he donated a huge amount of Ghc 50_000 to the authorities of the Christian council towards the construction of the national cathedral.

This unique act by the man has provoked captain smart to criticize heavily the so called Christians in the country.

In Captain Smart’s wisdom, the donation truly signifies that the Muslim community is really honest and truthful than most of the so called Christians parading themselves in the streets.

He stated “These men of God are among the richest in the country yet none of them has openly provided even a penny towards the cathedral. They should all bow down  their head in shame.’

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