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Things to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone: 200+ Samples with questions to ask her

For a relationship to succeed, you need to have good conversations. [1] Despite the prevalence of texting and social media, 87 percent of teens still talk on the phone with their significant other. [2] Making the extra effort of making a phone call can demonstrate your genuine interest in a girl and make her feel wanted. Use these phone tips for conversations that will make her swoon, whether you’re calling your long-term girlfriend or a cutie you just met.

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How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone

Workaround her schedule if possible. Set up a text conversation or wait till you believe she’ll be available before calling. Don’t put her off by forcing her to choose between you and her friends or family. After theater club, soccer practice, her coffee shop shift, or family supper, call.

  • Hey, would you be free to speak tonight? Text her a few hours before you want to talk: or Is it okay if I phone you at 7 p.m.? Be adaptable and choose a time that is convenient for both of you.

Make the call from a quiet, private location. If they feel no one can overhear your discussion, they will be more open and honest with you. Don’t call her when you’re out with friends and don’t put her on speakerphone without her consent.

Give her your whole focus. She’s offering you her time as a gift, and you should reciprocate. Multitasking, according to the majority of young people, detracts from communication. [4] Make her feel significant by telling her that her discussion is the most important thing in the world. While you’re chatting to your girlfriend, don’t text, chat online, watch TV, or speak to other people.

Greet her with a smile. Emotions may spread like a virus. [5] If you come out as pleasant and ready to converse, she will most likely react in like. When she answers the phone, welcome her in a manner that invites her to continue the discussion and indicates that you want to hear what she has to say. Use phrases that are suitable for the distance between you and the person you’re talking to:

  • Hey! What’s new with my girl?
  • Hello there, lovely! What was your day like?
  • I’ve been anticipating hearing your voice all day! So, what have you been up to lately?

Leave a lovely voicemail message. If she doesn’t pick up or your call goes to voicemail, leave a brief and sweet message for her. She’ll be touched that you remembered her and delighted to hear your voice.

  • You may say, “Just calling to tell you I love you!” if you’ve been dating for a long.
  • Leave a more casual voicemail if you’re in a new relationship: I simply wanted to check in on you! I’m missing you!
  • So you don’t get stuck in a phone tag game, let her know the ideal time to call you back: I’ll be home from soccer practice at 7. Maybe we could speak then?

Warm-up by engaging in some light chat. People are sociable creatures with a natural desire to strike up a conversation with strangers. As individuals grow to know one another, small conversation develops a feeling of closeness. In new partnerships, even casual talk may be significant. Stick to subjects that are simple to understand and will put her at ease:

  • Talk about a TV program or movie that you’ve both watched.
  • Tell a tale about your day.
  • Talk about what’s going on in your school.
  • Inquire about her favorite sports franchise.

Don’t forget to compliment her. Let her know you appreciate her company and discussion. Say things that will encourage her to open out to you without coming on too strong:

  • I can’t wait to hear what happens next!
  • That’s really funny!
  • You have the greatest tales to share!
  • You’re very easy to speak to.

Allow the discussion to flow organically. Small chat will lead to deeper discussion if you and your date have chemistry. Allow yourself to go from lighthearted conversation to more intimate topics. Take advantage of opportunities to get to know one another better:

  • It’s just two weeks till the end of the school year! Where will you be spending the holidays?
  • I also take guitar lessons! Why did you choose guitar over the other instruments in the band?
  • In three months, you’ll get your driver’s license? If you had a vehicle, where would you go?

Be emotionally available. She will only be as open and honest with you as you are with her. Most individuals hide their real emotions because of fear of being rejected, not because they are uninterested. [6] She will feel comfortable telling you how much she means to you if you tell her how much she means to you.

  • I have the impression that you know me better than anybody else.
  • My world brightens every time I see you.

Pose open-ended inquiries. Questions should be phrased in such a way that your partner feels free to expand, give background, and convey emotions. Don’t bog down the discussion by asking inquiries to which she will most likely respond with a simple yes or no.

Starting with leading words as I bet you… or You must have… is not a good idea.
Use openers like How…, Why…, and What… to get your point through.

Listen attentively. Listening is just as essential as speaking in a conversation. Don’t speak over or interrupt your girlfriend. Pay attentively to what she says and refrain from asking questions until she has completed her ideas. Encourage her to provide additional information.

  • What was your reaction to that?
  • What is it about In-N-Out milkshakes that you find so appealing?
  • What happened next?

Topics that stifle discussion should be avoided. You want to tell your girlfriend the truth, but you don’t want to upset her or make her feel uncomfortable. Throughout the discussion, keep an eye on her excitement. If she seems enthusiastic about a subject, go further into it. If she gets silent or uncertain and says I don’t know, maybe, or I suppose a lot, change the subject to something more pleasant.

  • If you come on too hard, you may frighten her away. Don’t come off as obsessive or desperate. Don’t make overtly sexual remarks about her physique that she won’t enjoy.
  • As you get to know your girlfriend better, identify sensitive topics and steer away from them. You want to have a good time throughout your discussions. It’s not a quick way to intimacy to bring up painful memories (her parents’ split, an ex-boyfriend, her grandmother’s death). Let her know she can tell you anything, but don’t intentionally arouse negative feelings in her.

Make preparations for the future. Making plans together, whether for a night out or for the rest of your lives, bring a couple closer together. Discuss where you would live and travel if you had unlimited funds, what sort of dog you would like, and what your ideal house would look like. Have a good time and let your imagination run wild. Keep the discussion light and flirty: you don’t need to plan out your whole life. Tell your girlfriend how excited you are for your upcoming travels together.

Before you lose your cool, end the discussion. It’s always best to say your goodbyes while you still have something in common. You’ll eagerly anticipate your next chat. Make a suggestion for what you might discuss in your next phone conversation.

Tell her you had a good time chatting with her. Let her know how wonderful she is and how much you enjoyed her chat. If she knows you desire to hear her voice, she will be more likely to call you.

  • All night, I’ll be thinking about your lovely voice.
  • I’m looking forward to speaking with you again soon! Please contact me at any moment.
  • I’ll text you first thing in the morning tomorrow!

When you say your goodbyes, make her smile. Just before you hang up, say something nice that you know will make her pleased. Make a joke about her, tease her with a nickname she loves, or praise her so that she blushes.

  • Good night, lovely!
  • Mwah! Kisses for the night!

Questions about the future

Are you looking for a long-term partner? These questions will give you a general sense of where your life could go if you continue dating.

  1. Take a few moments to shut your eyes and visualize your ideal existence. Give as much information as you can.

This question, along with the one that follows it, is excellent for determining what she wants out of life and how she would live if everything went according to plan. You may compare your girlfriend’s response to your own life objectives to determine whether they are compatible. So, if your ideal life is traveling the globe with nothing but a backpack and no responsibilities, while her ideal life is starting a company from the ground up, you two need to speak.

  1. How would you describe an ordinary day in your ideal life? Do you have a single perfect existence or can you imagine several?

Also, despite the fact that they reveal a lot, they are still fun, lighthearted questions that you may ask at any time.

  1. What do you believe a woman’s role in a partnership should be? What about a man’s role?

This is a crucial question to ask so that you may enter the relationship on the same page as far as responsibilities are concerned. If you and your partner have vastly different views about your respective responsibilities, you’ll need to work out your differences before moving further in the relationship.

  1. Should a couple’s responsibilities alter when they marry or move in together?

These two questions to ask your girlfriend are excellent for determining how both of your roles in the relationship may evolve in the future, or at least how she anticipates them changing.

You should compare your expectations to hers and evaluate how they compare. If you want a more conventional relationship and she wants to be more progressive, I promise you’ll have some major disagreements.

Questions concerning the past

The past has a wealth of knowledge that may be applied to the present and future. These questions can help you discover more about your girlfriend’s previous relationships so that you can better understand your present one. Remember to speak about the past at the appropriate time and in the right location.

We have to return!

  1. What was the most serious relationship you ever had? How long did it go on for? Why did it come to an end? What was it about him that you liked or disliked?

Okay, don’t be envious when she mentions ex-boyfriends; you, too, have had ex-boyfriends. You are not required to compare her ex-boyfriends to yourself. This is useful information on what she likes and dislikes in a relationship. It will also reveal more about her attitude toward committed partnerships.

  1. Have you ever been caught cheating on someone? What went wrong?

This is a land mine, so proceed with caution. That being said, it’s useful knowledge to have. I may be incorrect, but I believe there is a reason why it is said that once a cheater, always a cheater. Is it possible that she has cheated on more than one boyfriend? There’s a high possibility she’ll deceive you. The same is true for you. I don’t believe the regulation just applies to women.

  1. How much time did you spend with ex-boyfriends on a regular basis? Did you think there was too much or too little time? What did you do with your ex-boyfriends on a regular basis?

Okay, I’ll say it one more time. Seriously. There will be no jealousy over ex-boyfriends. Don’t be that person.

This question essentially tells you how much space you should give her. Some men want their girlfriend to be with them all of the time, while others do not. Girls are the same way. Some ladies want to spend as much time with their partner as possible, while others prefer to maintain some distance. It’s simply a matter of taste.

If your answers line up, just like the majority of the questions, that’s fantastic. If not, it’s something to think about. Do not suffocate her or give her the cold shoulder.

Quetions about her

These inquiries are all about her preferences. You may remember them to make her happy, or you might compare them to your own likes and hobbies.

8: What are the top three things a partner may do to irritate you? What about the top three things?

Things that irritate her = don’t do them. Things she enjoys = make an effort to accomplish them.

  1. What was the most daring or insane act you did in the last month? What is the most daring/crazy thing you’ve ever attempted?

This one will reveal if she is a risk-taker or a risk avoider. You may need to stretch your comfort zone if she is much more risk-taking than you. If you want to take risks more than she does, be aware that she may not want to join you on your excursions. She may not want you to take any risks, either.

  1. Do you like to be outside or inside?

Is she an indoor person when you aren’t? Expect her to resent being forced to go on camping excursions. She likes to be outside, but you don’t? Get yourself a pair of hiking boots. If you and your partner are very dissimilar, consider compromise and going on cabin vacations.

  1. What are the three most valuable items in your possession?

You’ll have to go a little further into this one. Is it a sentimental thing? She most likely has a sentimental streak. Is there anything useful here? She isn’t likely to be sentimental. Is it anything pricey or something that she can flaunt? Prepare to say goodbye to your cash.

This one is particularly fantastic since it can assist you in generating present ideas for later. At the very least, gift categories. Get her something sentimental that reminds her of your connection. Give her something practical that will assist her with her interests. And so on…

  1. How would you react if a close friend began to gossip about you?

This question reveals how she handles disagreements. Is she a mediator? Is she escalating the situation? Is she just avoiding it?

She’ll probably cope with disputes in the same manner you do. Maybe she’ll attempt to make amends, maybe she’ll get enraged, or maybe she’ll just stop speaking to you.

  1. What are three of your favorite movies and television shows? What are your three least favorite films or television shows?

This is an unexpectedly practical question that will reveal how much you and your partner will like going to the cinema and watching TV programs together.

Does she join you in watching programs or movies that aren’t her favorites? She may just be amusing you by viewing them because you like them. If that’s the case, she’ll probably tire of making you laugh and want to watch something she really enjoys.

In the rain, Dr. Who

  1. What do you consider to be the ideal Saturday night?

This one will tell you what she enjoys doing. Sure, she’ll probably do what you want for a few Saturday evenings, but she’ll ultimately want to do what she wants as the relationship progresses. So, if you want to party and she doesn’t, or if you like to relax and play video games while she prefers to go out. That is, of course, going to be an issue.

Questions about sex

If you’re at a point in your relationship where discussing sex is OK, here are some excellent questions to ask to discover more about who she is sexual. Don’t worry if your relationship hasn’t gone that far; just skip them.

  1. Have you had any sexual partners? Have you ever had intercourse without protection?

These are some simple questions to ask your girlfriend, yet they are very important to know. She’ll be curious as well. Tit tat tat tat tat tat tat

Also, if she has had a lot of sexual partners, or if she has had more than you, don’t get all pouty about her replies. It is not a contest. Plus, you’re definitely looking for a partner who loves sex as much as you do.

On the other hand, if she hasn’t had many sexual partners, it may indicate that she isn’t as interested in sex, that she isn’t as experienced in the bedroom, or that she prefers to wait until the relationship is more serious before having sex.

Basically, you want her sex drive to match yours, whether you are a big fan of regular sex or don’t care much about it.

  1. If you could have more of two things when having sex, what would they be? Is there anything you’ve been scared to ask for in the bedroom that you’ve always wanted to try?

A healthy relationship requires a decent sex life. In the bedroom, you should both be striving to make each other happy. But don’t feel compelled to attempt anything you’re not confident about. Also, don’t push her into doing anything she’s not sure about. It will end poorly for both of you if one of you isn’t enjoying the sex you’re having.

  1. How often do you like having sex?

This question can help you determine how well both of your sex frequency expectations line up. When one person in a relationship has a significantly different number than the other, it’s usually a negative sign for the partnership. However, you might try talking things out and attempting to find a medium ground. Just don’t attempt to push the problem to go away. All you have to do now is determine how essential sex is in your relationship.

  1. When is the ideal time to have sex?

This will give you a decent sense of when the time of day she is most likely to be in a good mood. Definitely useful information.

Money-related queries

Money, oh money, is the number one source of marital strife. These aren’t the most fun questions to ask your partner, but they’re crucial.

Money-related questions to ask your female acquaintance

  1. How well do you manage your finances?

At least one of you should be a savvy shopper. If you and your partner have poor money management abilities, one of you will need to improve. If you’re in a serious relationship or live together, you should probably determine who.

  1. What do you believe is worth spending more money on in order to achieve the greatest results?

This question will reveal what kinds of things she will spend money on in the future. It may also reveal what she values.

  1. Which of the following do you believe is a waste of money?
    If you invest money on it, this one will tell you what will make her furious.
  2. What is the greatest thing about money: that it gives you stability, that it enables you to have happy memories, or that it allows you to purchase beautiful things?

This question will reveal if she is a saver, someone who appreciates experiences, or someone who values things. Do anything you want with that information.

  1. When should a guy pay for something, when should a woman pay for something, and when should they divide the bill in a relationship?

This is mostly for new partnerships, but it’s always important to know what expectations are in place.

A few more questions to ponder with your girlfriend

Here is a list of additional questions to ask your girlfriend. There is no commentary here; simply a list of questions from which you may choose the ones that interest you.

  1. What are you aware of that you are not meant to be aware of?
  2. What is an excellent relationship tip that seems to be a poor relationship tip?
  3. Do you have anything on your mind that you’d want to express?
  4. What makes you think someone is beneath you?
  5. What would the title of a comedy about your life be?
  6. Do you have any unwritten family rules?
  7. Have you ever seen the worst downhill spiral?
  8. What is the most unexpected fact you’ve lately discovered?
  9. How would you describe your perfect life?
  10. How do you see yourself succeeding?
  11. What is the most depressing film you’ve ever seen?
  12. What would you want to have for your final meal?
  13. What’s the greatest location to meet interesting people?
  14. What is the most valuable possession you have?
  15. What popular television programs or films have you yet to see?
  16. What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard of someone doing for another person?
  17. Can you tell me about the most revolting or frightening tale you’ve ever heard?
  18. What is the scariest thing you can think of?
  19. What would be the worst ice cream flavor?
  20. What movie sequence made a strong emotional effect on you as a kid but wouldn’t bother you now?
  21. Do you think you could have a relationship with yourself? Assuming “other you” is a gender to whom you are attracted.
  22. What is something that should be general knowledge but isn’t for whatever reason?
  23. If you could delete 30 seconds from your life, what would it be?
  24. What salad dressing, despite the fact that it is unlikely to exist, would be fantastic if it did?
  25. From which of your life’s errors have you learnt the most important lessons?
  26. Which unusual meal combinations do you like and which do you despise?
  27. What are some things you’ve never been able to comprehend?
  28. When you wear a certain item of clothes, you always receive a lot of compliments on it.
  29. What are some of the most vexing occurrences on social media?
  30. What are some of your areas where you are below average and others where you are above average?
  31. When you were a kid, what was your favorite location to play outside of your house?
  32. What is your favorite film from another country?
  33. What is the worst habit a person can have that isn’t illegal?
  34. When you’re laying in bed, unable to sleep, what do you think about?
  35. Do you have any job-related horror stories?
  36. If you were given the job of inventing a brand-new, hugely exciting sport, what would it be?
  37. What is your favorite food?
  38. What is the most enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon?
  39. Do you know how to keep plants alive?
  40. What is the most difficult aspect of your typical day?
  41. What is the funniest lie you’ve ever heard?
  42. What is the most absurd reason for which someone has been angry with you?
  43. What childhood film was ruined for you when you re-watched it as an adult?
  44. Do you have a favorite euphemism?
  45. Accomplish you feel driven to do something in particular?
  46. What would you stuff into their pockets if you were a skilled reverse pickpocket (putpocket?).
  47. If you found out that your nation was about to shut off all internet connection at 12 a.m. tonight, what would you do with your time/bandwidth?
  48. How does a day in the lives of a super-healthy couple look?
  49. When the electricity goes out, what is your favorite thing to do?
  50. Is there any language or fashion that makes you feel old?
  51. Do you believe anybody has it all figured out?
  52. What was anything that turned out to be a lot better than you expected?
  53. Do you dance on a regular basis?
  54. When do you feel the most at ease?
  55. What are some incidents you’ve seen that you wish you could turn back the clock on?
  56. How well can you keep a secret?
  57. Is there anything on your mind that you’ve been wanting to get off your chest for a while?
  58. How are you doing these days?
  59. What is the most significant thing your parents taught you?
  60. What is the most humiliating clothes mishap you’ve ever experienced?
  61. How long has it been since you visited an amusement park or a fair?
  62. What is the most influential book you’ve ever read?
  63. What was the kindest present you’ve ever received?
  64. What kind of pet would be ideal?
  65. What are some of the funniest insults you’ve ever heard?
  66. What is anything about a person that many others find ugly but that you find appealing?
  67. What is the greatest ice cream/topping combination?
  68. Which talent would you prefer to master if you could only learn one?
  69. How dedicated are you to bettering yourself or your life?
  70. What are your plans for the future?
  71. If you had the opportunity to ask one question regarding your future, what would it be?
  72. How would you design your ideal home?
  73. Is there anything about yourself that you wish you could change?
  74. What do you obsess over?
  75. Do you like a hammock, a bean bag chair, or a normal chair? Why?
  76. Do you consider yourself to be artistic?
  77. What are some things you wish you had begun years ago?

Interesting Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend.

  1. What’s a tale you’ve always wanted to tell but haven’t had the opportunity to?
  2. What is one thing that your friends find enjoyable that you do not?
  3. Do you have any terms that you pronounce differently than others?
  4. What is a song from a genre or band that you dislike?
  5. Is there anything you could eliminate from your life that would save you a lot of money with little effort?
  6. What is something you like doing but is underappreciated?
  7. Have you had anything strange happen to you recently?
  8. Is there anything you’re renowned for in your hometown or among your friends?
  9. What about yourself did you not know until someone else pointed it out to you?
  10. What’s your favorite party anecdote? (if you aren’t aware of it already)
  11. What would you choose if you had a lifetime supply of anything?
  12. What’s your current go-to joke?
  13. What is your most enjoyable pastime?
  14. What is a local mythology about your hometown?
  15. What are some things about which you have strong feelings yet are insignificant in the great scheme of things?
  16. In a battle of actors, who would win if they could call an army of all the roles they’ve played?
  17. Have you ever exacted petty retaliation on someone? What exactly did you do?
  18. What is your favorite drinking game “create a rule”?
  19. What do you believe is the one trend that will never go out of style?
  20. What is one of your pet peeves?
  21. Which would you want to play: the damsel in distress or the hero who saves the day?
  22. What would you do if you discovered $10,000 on the ground tomorrow?
  23. What dating advise would you offer to someone who is going to start dating for the first time?
  24. Have you ever cried while reading a book? What was it, exactly?
  25. How would you want to be remembered?
  26. Are you content?
  27. What is the most effective method for you to learn new things?
  28. Is it possible that you’re in a long-distance relationship?
  29. What would be your one wish if you had one?
  30. What do you want to do with your life?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. What do you think we should name ourselves if we form a band?
  2. What do you think your chances are of breaking a world record?
  3. What would your pseudonym be if you were to write erotica?
  4. Do you have a puppy/baby voice or a phone voice?
  5. When was the last time you remained in your jammies throughout the day?
  6. What would you put on a warning label if you had one?
  7. When you have the whole home to yourself, what do you do first?
  8. What would you do if you could only cause one small annoyance to the person you despise the most?
  9. What is the strangest fact you are aware of?
  10. What’s your go-to swear word?

Personal Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. What was your favorite part of the week?
  2. What did you think when you woke up this morning?
  3. What can I do to brighten your day?
  4. Is there anything you’ve wanted to accomplish for a long but haven’t gotten around to yet?
  5. What have you been up to lately?
  6. Do you have something on your mind that makes you nervous?
  7. What has been causing you stress recently?
  8. \Is there anything you could do to unwind?
  9. What’s up with your family and friends?
  10. Have you recently done something for yourself?

Questions to Learn About Her Past

  1. What was a talent you mastered when you were younger but have since forgotten?
  2. What was your childhood nickname?
  3. What is your proudest achievement?
  4. What has been the most challenging experience you’ve had?
  5. Have you ever been in a relationship that wasn’t romantic?
  6. What part of the country did you grow up in? What has been the greatest location you’ve ever lived?
  7. What was your most humiliating experience?
  8. Who was your childhood crush?
  9. How did you feel in high school? What has been the most significant change in your life?
  10. What was your favorite children’s television program?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. When we first met, what was your first reaction?
  2. When did you know we’d be successful as a couple?
  3. What is it about me that you find most appealing?
  4. What are the three things in your life for which you are most grateful?
  5. What has been your favorite of our joint adventures?
  6. What is it about us that you like the most?
  7. Do you have any dreams that have yet to be realized?
  8. Is there anything you’ve wanted to say to me but haven’t been able to?
  9. What has been the most helpful piece of advise you’ve received this year?

Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend About Your Relationship

  1. Is there anything you think we’re lacking in our relationship?
  2. What was your first reaction to me?
  3. What would you alter about our relationship if you could?
  4. Are you satisfied with my performance?
  5. What’s your favorite memory from our time together?
  6. In our connection, do you feel loved and cared for?
  7. Is there a specific moment when you realized you’re in love?
  8. Is there anything we can do as a couple to enhance our bond?
  9. What aspect of our connection is the most powerful?
  10. Do you think you’re loved enough?

“What If” Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. In five years, how do you envision yourself? What do you do for a living? Where do we call home?
  2. What should we do something we haven’t done previously as a couple?
  3. How essential is it for you to have children?
  4. What are the top three things you want to do before you die?
  5. Do you have any life events that have influenced your outlook on the future?
  6. What do you want to achieve in the end?
  7. Have you made any choices that will have a lasting impact on your life?
  8. Where do you wish to spend your golden years?
  9. What do you hope to get out of our relationship?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. What is the world’s most serious issue? What might we do about it?
  2. Do you have any life regrets?
  3. What would you like to see if you could look into the future only once?
  4. What’s the darkest secret you have?
  5. Who gives you the greatest solace?
  6. How would you want to be remembered?
  7. Do you believe in life on other planets?
  8. Do you believe long-distance communication can be successful? What is the line between too far and too far?
  9. What would you be willing to give up in order to follow your dreams?
  10. What would you alter about history if you had the chance?


Deep connection and knowledge of each other’s objectives and desires are the foundations of strong partnerships. Communication is the most effective means of obtaining such understanding.

A well-timed inquiry may also lead to some of your most comfortable and productive conversations. However, try to stay away from the questions on this list.

So, now that you’ve seen all of the questions, you’ve got a lot of ammo. Whether you’re trying to rescue, stabilize, or prolong your relationship, you’ll need to put in some effort.

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