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This is why brides wear whites on their wedding day

The institution of marriage has existed for centuries and we have witnessed many wedding events. We see in the newspapers, magazines, TVs, and even hear on radio about a newly wedded couple. But, have you ever thought of why the bride wears white gown on her wedding day?

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, brides wore gowns of different colours for their special day. So many hues to choose from, with a special meaning dear to them. Colours that spoke for them, each representing something different. I am royal, prosperous, serene, warm, kind, calm, delicate, vibrant, I bring light.

Till 1840 when white was made popular by Queen Victoria on the day she married Prince Albert of Saxe-Corbug.

White, as a matter of fact, is among the colors you cannot mix any two colors to produce it. Therefore, it makes it expensive. White stands alone and it is adorable.

The color is related to wedding, hospitals and angels. White symbolizes peace and it looks gorgeous. Despite the psychological meaning of white, it is a color we can never leave out on our wedding days.

The bride wears white because it signifies purity and innocence. Purity and innocence mean, the bride as not seen any man before.

Also, wearing a white gown shows that one is rich. In the past only the wealthy could afford a white gown. In 2011, Prince William married Catherine Middleton. Catherine Middleton white gown cost, $434,000. This is quite expensive. Studies has shown that white gowns are the most expensive gowns.

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