Time For Government To Bite The Bullet And Jail a “Celebrity” To Truly Serve as Deterrent.

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If indeed the law is no respecter of persons, then it’s time for Ghanaian law enforcement officers vis-a-vis Government to bite the bullet and jail a celebrity to serve as a deterrent to others.

This has become necessary due to the back to back disregard for authority by some of our nationals with Fame.
Truth is, Every country whose law does not bite is a failed country, for laws are enacted to keep everyone in check, irrespective of your social standing. If you commit a crime you must be dealt with.

Whoever breaks the law irrespective of his or her stratification must be dealt with in accordance to the law. We have had one too many instance where a known person from showbiz to Politics turns to break the law and will be shielded, same cannot be said when it involves the “everyday” Ghanaian on the streets.
This in no certain term does not mean people should not be given fair hearing and second chance but if all our laws can do is to convict people with influence or huge followings then we are only practicing “class society” which is believed to have been abolished years ago in an advanced era.

I am going to situate this rant in a way that will ignite your thought about how some celebrities in the past and present have been left off the hook but same wouldn’t have been in case should it be an “ordinary Ghanaian”

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The danger of these precedence is that, it breeds impunity and create room for high profile people to commit all forms of crime and walk away free.

In December 2014, Rapper Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey Professionally known as Kwaw Kese was arrested in Kumasi by Ghana Police Service for smoking Marijuana aka Weed Publicly.

Weed, as you may want to call it remains a narcotic drug in Ghana and possession it comes with a strict punishment by serving a jail term.

When Kwaw Kese was arrested, of course he served days on remand but was ultimately set free as many of his influential friends flood various media outlet calling on the State to pardon him.

If you go to our prisons today, I’m convinced beyond all doubt that you will find dozens of persons who committed same offense as Kwaw Kese committed who are languishing in jail. They are just unlucky beings without fame or followers.

In December 2015, barely a year after Kwaw Kese was left off the hook without serving a longer jail term, another musician found himself in similar situation.

This time, it was a “December2remeber” show organized by Accra based Citi Fm.

Eugene Ashie known in showbiz as Wisa Greid had released his breakthrough single “Ekiki Me” at the time and it was without a doubt the party stopper.

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Just when he had the opportunity of taking the Ghanaian music space by storm, he went a step further by removing his Manhood on live stage. As to what went through his mind to go that far, we cannot tell.

The annoying part was that, the thing was not even big, such and “okra distin”.

That was an indecent exposure and the end to this crime was a fine of 8000 cedis which perhaps would have been a chicken change for him.

Ghana yet again missed the opportunity in setting a good precedent that indeed, nobody was above the law.

Four years on, What began as a beautiful night to mark the 20th anniversary of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was Characterized with a violent conduct from two of Ghana’s dancehall Artiste Livingstone Etse Satekla aka Stonebwoy and Charles Nii Armah Mensah Junior aka Shatta Wale.

For whatever reason, Stonebwoy before of people watching the event in the auditorium and home pulled a gun.

It was an unprecedented act which shocked everyone. It was all musical banters and beef between him and Shatta Wale till it went that far.

The country yet again missed the opportunity to clamp down lawlessness.

Instead of dealing with Stonebwoy, he was rather made to sign a peace treaty with Shatta Wale and that ended a matter as serious as that one.

Then came Rosemond Alade Brown aka Akuapem Poloo.

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She stripped naked with her son who was a minor. She was convicted to serve a 90 days jail but for whatever reason people pleaded and she was whisked out of prison.

The trajectory of these incident is meant to give you a clue of the number of times, Ghana had the opportunity to use some of the celebrities as scapegoats but failed to do so.

Days ago, Shatta Wale did the unthinkable by attacking a government contractor with his goons.

The crime of the contractor was not to extend the road to cover where the office of Shatta Wale was.

This is the highest form of impunity one can ever imagine. It is looking as though our laws can’t catch big men but the poor and the weak.

What are the powers of Shatta Wale that, he will have the audacity to attack a contractor he never awarded a contract to ?

To be blunt, we are building a failed system which will only worsen in the future.

While countries like America are proving that nobody is bigger than the law, the case in Ghana is different.

The America system have succeeded in taming rouges with fame.

Many of their celebrities past and present if they fault the law and dealt with according to the law with some serving jail terms.

As we speak, R Kelly is in Jail, Bill Cosby is in Jail several high profiled persons once you go wrong you will be kept at where the law says you should be kept.

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But in Ghana the case is different, we can tour ourselves as a progressive country where stars will be above the law.

We do not have to wait for lives to be lost and properties destroyed by the conduct of some of these celebrities before they are dealt with by the law.

There are indeed privileges “celebritiship” comes with, but such privileges also comes with Responsibility.

We missed the Chance with Kwaw Kese, repeated that with Wisa, Missed the chance with Stonebwoy and Akuapem Poloo and one wouldn’t need a soothsayer to predict Shatta Wale assaulting a contractor will also walk free.

I hope it does not become a norm, it’s now or never.

The government and when I say the government I do not mean those in power now but the state should be tough in cracking the whip when the need arises.

While we agitate for the Country to be fixed , the first target must be making sure the law applies to everyone equally.

If Mamaga Afi’s son at Kpando is convicted for carrying an unlicensed gun, then Stonebwoy or whoever does that in the future must not go free it.

After all, what is good for the goose should be good for the ganger.

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