TommyInnit is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He produces Minecraft-related videos and live streams.

TommyInnit was born in Nottingham, England, on April 9, 2004. His birth name is Thomas Simons. He appears to be the only son of his parents. There is not much information on his life and educational background. He is still a kid and growing.

Thomas has been a YouTuber since he was nine (9) years old in 2013. His first YouTube channel was called Channelnutpig. In 2015, he began his second channel. TommyInnit. The channel currently has over 11 million subscribers and a billion views. Thomas posts content about gaming, especially Minecraft.

As of 21 June 2022, his seven YouTube channels have collectively reached over 24.5 million subscribers and over 2.21 billion views. His main Twitch channel has reached over 7.1 million followers. Thomas holds the Guinness World Record for Most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch and the Most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch. In 2022, he won the Best Minecraft Streamer at The Streamer Awards.

TommyInnit Birthday

TommyInnit was born on April 9, 2004. he celebrates his birthday on April 9 every year. Tommy is currently 18 years old.

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