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Top 10 Funny numbers to text 2021 when bored

This Article lists the funny numbers to text when are bored

There are a number of various entertainment services available. Calling 719-266-2837 is my particular favorite, and I’m not sure why, but I like it. Dial-A-Song by They Might Be Giants is another classic: “Always free, frequently busy.” This entertaining phone number craze has now spawned numbers that can be texted as well. Serenity Caldwell of iMore won the “Text this number for funsies” category with a number she highlighted in a post on having a little fun with iMessage. I’m not going to tell you what it is; instead, text any message to 866-740-4531 and enjoy the response.

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Top 10 Funny numbers to text when bored

  1. Call 1-603-413-4124 to reach Santa’s workshop. Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts? Adults usually trick children into believing that Santa Claus really brings them presents on Christmas.
  2. Call the divorce helpline at (605) 475–6960. Have you lately been married? Do you have a married buddy, for example? If so, here is the number to contact for a good time.
  3. Call (605)-475-6972 for a sex addiction intervention. A black lady uses her smartphone to communicate. @ono-kosuki contributed this photo. UGC is the source of this information. It’s one of the funniest phony phone numbers available, and it’s rated 18+.
  4. Call the (605) 475–6959 helpline if you have bad breath. Another number to keep in your phone is the foul breath hotline. What are the chances? You may have that one buddy that constantly makes you cover your nose or look to the sides while you’re chatting to them.
  5. Call (206) 569-5829 if you’re the loser. Unlike the others, you have complete control over the message your victim hears when they “call you.” You must record your voice message while calling this number.
  6. Call the 605–475–6968 helpline if you’ve been rejected. One of the best hilarious phone numbers to prank call someone you don’t want to be connected with in life is the rejection hotline.
  7. Call 605-475-6973 to stop whining. Some individuals complain excessively even when it is not required. Telling them openly about their thoughtless attitude may upset them in most cases.
  8. Keeping a knucklehead occupied: 401-285-2079 In front of a door, a woman with a smartphone and a guy laughing. @keira-burton contributed this photo. UGC is the source of this information. We all have at least one friend or family member that is always irritating.
  9. Dial 505–503–4455 to reach Saul. If you like television programs, you’ve probably seen the Better Call Saul series. It’s one of the greatest shows, with fantastic characters like criminal defense attorney Saul Goodman.
  10. 605–475–6958 is the number to call for a sobriety test. The sobriety test hotline is one of the funniest random phone numbers to dial. You may call the hotline to find out whether you are sober or inebriated.

Exiting funny numbers to text when you are bored

804-6979 (212) 804-6979 (212) 804-6979 (212)
We’ve got you covered if this is your final option for having a girlfriend write you nicely, romantic (or even dirty!) texts. Save this phone number, then replace it with Bella or Kylie (or any name you choose for your dream lady). Compose a message and send it when you’re ready to have a (false) chat with the lady of your dreams. After a few seconds, you’ll get a text message in response. The fun doesn’t stop there: your pretend girlfriend will contact you in a few minutes with a pre-recorded audio message. Watch as your buddies’ mouths drop at how attractive you are to women!


What’s up, Guardians of the Galaxy lovers (and non-fans alike)! Who’d have guessed you’d be able to text Groot, the tree-like creature himself? You may finally have one of the most meaningful talks of your life by texting 866-740-4531. He’s an excellent (and dependable) texter. We won’t tell you anything you don’t already know, so go ahead and check it out for yourself!

[Note: Thank you, Ricky Robinett, for allowing me to speak with Groot!]


A chat with Santa Claus is unlike anything other. Here’s a pro tip: when Christmas arrives, call his phone and tell him and his elves what you want as a present (but only if you’ve been on his ‘good’ list the whole year). What’s even better is that you may use this number to deceive your relatives and friends into believing that you can put in a good word for Santa Claus and assist them to get on the list. It’s a real-life saver.


This Bad Breath hotline may come in useful when you’ve had it with that one buddy who doesn’t seem to wash their teeth as part of their daily routine! Telling someone their breath stinks is probably the first thing that springs to mind. However, as a thoughtful and kind friend, you don’t want to come off as harsh or insulting. As a result, leave them a note with this number and wait for the Bad Breath hotline to take care of it.


This number, also known as the Sobriety Hotline, will make you the life of the party right away! Keep this number in your phone’s contacts so you may call it anytime you and your pals decide to go out for a great night out. We recommend providing this number to the most inebriated individual in the room and instructing them to contact the hotline to check their sobriety. Even if you’re an introvert, you may have a good time by trying it out for yourself.


Have a weird guy who won’t accept no for an answer? Give him this number, and he’ll be sure to leave you alone! The Rejection Hotline is your rescuer in the face of obnoxious and scary people. When they ask for your phone number, give them this one, and when they attempt to contact you the following day, they’ll receive a pre-recorded voice message that says “Hello!” This isn’t the person you’re looking for. You’ve dialed the Rejection number!” What a wonderful and thrilling method to urge that guy to leave you alone and to punish him for refusing to quit despite your protests!


Rise, Harry Potter enthusiasts! This hotline is aimed squarely at you. Dial this number if you’ve had enough of your life and have finally decided to enroll at the magical and legendary Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The admissions staff at the renowned institution would be delighted to educate you on the admissions requirements and would warmly welcome an enthusiastic and ambitious student like you (but only if you are accepted!).


Indecency is not tolerated! You may ask a friend or family member to call this number on their phones whenever they cross the line since they tend to interrupt others due to their insensitive actions to receive the help they need. At first, it may seem that they were instructed to call the number just for amusement, but after they come to their senses, they will understand that dialing this number has a purpose. It’ll feel good to know that you’ve duped someone into believing it’s not simply a fun number to call and that you’ve also let them know that their actions aren’t any fun—all at the same time!


Others have a habit of whining about things that seem to be unimportant. Telling them openly how their thoughtless acts hurt others is the natural course of action, but being the sensitive person that you are, you want to find a less damaging option. If you know someone with this personality, you may tell them to phone this number, and the person on the other end will tell them to “Stop whining!”

This can also come in useful if you find yourself on the receiving end: the one who is always whining! Call this number whenever you need a reminder to quit getting irritated about little matters. Thank you very much.


Do you believe this is the worst day of your life? You’ll think twice before dialing this number! The goal of this hotline is simple: to serve as a reminder that your life might always be worse. Is there anything more motivating than knowing that things might be worse?

That concludes our list of 10 of the most entertaining and interesting phone numbers to text or call anytime you’re bored. Which item on the list was your personal favorite? Please pass it on to your friends!

List Of Funny Phone Numbers To Call That Actually Work

  1. Disapproval 605-475-6968 (toll-free)
    Do you have a terrible person that keeps asking your phone number? Here’s a list of numbers that may help you sort them out. Ladies and gentlemen, save it for a bad night; it may come in useful.
  2. It’s Always Possible That It’ll Suck Even More: 605-475-6964

This is, without a doubt, one of the finest hotlines to call when you’re bored. On a terrible day, this phrase will either raise your spirits or make them worse. You may even use it on that grumpy family or friend. They are unlikely to grumble when they listen to the messages on the line.

  1. Santa Claus (951) 262-3062

Do not wait until December to contact Santa; he may forget about the present you want. This hotline may be used to contact the North Pole directly and speak with the big guy. Please remind him to put you on his good list. This is one of the most entertaining phone numbers to dial.

  1. Call the Bad Breath Hotline at 605-475-6959 if you have a bad case of bad breath.

Although this hotline seems to have noble intentions, it is far from it. You may offer this contact to someone who has bad breath and let them find out from the other end of the call. It’s never easy to bring up this topic; therefore, leave a note with the Bad Breath Hotline number and the assumption that they’ll have an idea of what to say.

  1. Maintain An Idiot’s Enthusiasm Hotline: 605-475-6962

Do you want to throw a funny, amusing punch at your annoying cousin? Have them call this hotline, which focuses on their cognitive abilities. This prank call may seem harsh to some, but it is all in good fun.

  1. Call 605-475-6958 for a sobriety test.

This hotline is for when you are unsure whether you are drunk or sober. Of course, if you’re already questioning your sobriety, that should be a red flag. However, you may usually join with the help of a sobriety test hotline, whose series of very reasonable questions will tell you without a doubt.

  1. Call Saul at 505-503-4455.

Do you need a legal advisor that can provide you with the finest free advice? Make a phone call to Saul Goodman and Associates. This hotline serves as a one-stop-shop for all legal matters. The audio messages from Saul and Associates provide some free genuine advice.

8. Murray Bauman may be reached at 618-625-8313.

Did you able to obtain Murray Bauman’s phone number after binge-watching the whole fourth season of Stranger Things? This strategically placed Easter egg may be a nod to Season 5. To find out what message he has for Joyce Byers, call the hotline.

9. Call 719-26-OATES to reach Callin’ Oates.

Lobby and Oates were a musical duo that dominated the 1980s music industry. You may contact this crisis hotline if you have a pressing need to recall their most memorable songs. Following that, you may choose between four of their songs: Rich Girl, One on One, Maneater, or Investigators.

10. 605-675-6960 (Divorce Hotline)

If you have a buddy who is unhappy in their marriage and has no desire to remain, it’s time to give them this number. They will be sent to the divorce hotline if you provide them with this information. Even if your buddy is first annoyed, the call’s ridiculous character will cause them to see the humor in the situation.

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