Top 20 Nasty C songs

Nasty C is one of the best Hip-hop artists in South Africa. He is best known for his hits upon hits.

Below are top 20 songs from Nasty C’s discography:

Nasty C – “Phases” (featuring Rowlene)

This is the first collaboration Nasty C made with his musical twin Rowlene. It was released on 17th March 2017. 

Nasty C – SMA (featuring Rowlene)

SMA” Nasty C’s biggest single to date. Nasty C tells the ups and downs of his relationship with his current girlfriend in a  collaboration with Rowlene. The song was released two years ago ie. 19th March, 2019.

NASTY C – Eazy [Official Music Video] [Explicit]  

One of the lead singles to his biggest album till date. “Eazy” has a catchy melodic hook and verses, and Nasty C takes a moment to deliver a memorable rap verse, full of musical dexterity. This song was released a year ago ie. 12th June, 2020. 

Nasty_C – 25 [Official Audio]

This song has a drum pattern that carries the dong in a rumbling baseline while a flute line dominates. It was released in 22nd June, 2017.

Nasty C – Vent

“Vent” is a top-5 Nasty C song and is one of the finest creations by Nasty C and frequent producer The Gobbla. It was released in 22nd January, 2017.

Nasty_C – Hell Naw (Official Music Video)

As one of the songs that introduced Nasty C to the limelight and the South African music industry. It was released in 1st March, 2016.

Nasty C – “031”

Nasty C exhibited his vocal range in this video, and didn’t end without exhibiting his dance moves since he loves dancing. It was released in 22nd August, 2017. 

Nasty C – Switched Up (Official Music Video)

Nasty C did an impressive showcase of his technical skills in the song “Switched Up”. It was released in 22nd June, 2016.

Nasty C – Allow ft. French Montana

In this song, French Montana amplified his presence even though his contribution to the song is minimal. It was released in 20th October, 2017. 

Nasty C – Let Me In

A hungry Nasty C told his personal story and expressed his determination to make it as a rapper. The song ‘Let Me In’ speaks to everybody who can relate. It was released in 23rd March, 2017.

Nasty C – “U Played Yourself”

This song released in 2018 was lifted from his just released project tagged “Strings & Bling”.

Nasty C – God Flow (Official Audio) ft. crowned Yung

Nasty C teams up with CrownedYung who added a good verse on the joint. It was released in 27th September, 2019.

Nasty C – Four (IV)

This is a song where Nasty C gets into a  convo with his late mother, giving her an update of his life since she left this realm after a taxi violence incident. It’s a song that tells Nasty C’s personal story both emotively and descriptively. It was released in 8th March, 2017.

Nasty C – “Don’t BAB” (featuring Tellaman, Gemini Major)

The kind of chemistry displayed on “Don’t BAB” reveals that the two artists spent much quality time together in other to bring out this great masterpiece. It was released in 27th September, 2018.

Nasty C – Good Girls And Snapchat Hoes

This mastered piece depicts the isguided classification of what constitutes a “good girl” and, well, a “snapchat hoe”. It was released in 17th, March 2017.

Nasty C, Lil Gotit, Lil Keed – Bookoo Bucks

“Bookoo Bucks” is an undoubtable club banger and always begs the repeat button. It was released in 11th September, 2020.

Nasty C – Strings and Bling [Official Music Video]

Nasty C takes it back to hip-hop’s obsession with flamenco strings in the 90s. It was released in 6th July 2019

Nasty_C – Changed (TheIvysonTour – 08.12)

This is a song anyone who has experienced growth in their lives will relate to especially when friends will say you’ve changed and, after, ask you for some change. It was released in 25th November, 2017.

Nasty C – Juice Back (Official Music Video)

Even though this song’s remix is a gem, but it doesn’t beat the original which was pure unadulterated passion and expression. It was released in 18th January, 2016.

Nasty C – King (Official Music Video) ft. A$AP Ferg

Easily one of the coldest combinations of Nasty C’s raps and Tweezy‘s production. It was released in 24th, September 2018.

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