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”Top politicians have received $28 million to push LGBTQ, where are they” – Captain Smart alleges

Captain Smart have once again allegedly revealed another hidden secret about the LGBTQI and some of the opposers of the anti-LGBTQI bill. According to Captain Smart some prominent people who are opposers of the bill are doing so because they have taken money and shared among themselves just to push LGBTQI in Ghana.

Captain Smart on Onua TV allegedly said that there are some people he we don’t know but he alone knows. And these people are also prominent people in Ghana who are against the bill. These people have gone to take $28 million to push LGBTQI in Ghana, and they want the general public to go into such act to spoil themselves. He allegedly said they have shared the money already and cannot refund it so by any means they would have to get LGBTQI legalized in Ghana.

According to Smart, so far as he is alive that cannot happen in Ghana and he is advising Ghanaians to be vigilant. These people have shared the money and now they want Ghanaian youth to be gay and lesbians so that they can get more money. You can imagine all these dangers associated with gayism and lesbianism. At the end, you who engaged in the act will be suffering from infections while they enjoy the monies they get.

Now they have gotten $28 million to chop even when it is not legalized. You can imagine what will come after this. So if you are a Ghanaian youth and you think about your country and yourself you should not even think of becoming a part of LGBTQI or even support the so called Professors and Lawyers who are against the bill.

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