Trevor Noah Spotted With Ex Bae.

Rumours has it that South African-born comedian and host of The Daily Show in America, Trevor Noah, and his girlfriend, Minka Kelly has parted ways.

Reports from Entertainment Tonight, claimed to have received intel from various moles who revealed why the couple had decided to part ways.

According to the website, their career are taking over their lives and there just isn’t much time for their relationship, so they decided a break up would be better for themselves.

When the news of their split went viral, it broke many fans, especially in Mzansi, as Minka had already been dubbed ‘Makoti’ after reports that they had decided to move in together a few months after they had started their relationship.

Reports coming suggests that, despite their split, it seems the two media personalities are still on good terms. 

US Magazine confirmed that the former couple were spotted eating lunch together, just days after their breakup was reported.

As it stands now, it’s either the sources got it wrong when their split was confirmed or the two ex lovers have now resorted to being friends, which would not be shocking, as Trevor is no stranger to having a good relationship with his past girlfriends.

Just to confirm it, Jordyn Taylor, his ex-girlfriend, said on her Instagram stories in January 2019 that she loves Trevor so much although they are no longer items, which of course is not easy for ex’s to have a peaceful relationship after break up.

“Half the things in my inbox are about Trev. Of course I love him. How could you not love him? I love him so much, but you guys should know we broke up, like, last summer.” She said.

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