The story of Trino Marin is a terrible one. Trino was the sole cause of trauma for the Rivera family and his own family. Read further to find out the intriguing details of Trino’s birth to his imprisonment

Who is Trino Marin and How old is He?

Before we ask who is Jenni Rivera? let us get to know Trino Marin. He was born on February 15, 1964, and worked as a restaurant administrator before obtaining a 31-year prison sentence.

Jose is originally from Mexico, but he eventually relocated to the United States permanently.

Trino Marin
Who is Jenni Rivera
Trino Marin and Daughters. Photo: RSIonline

Marin’s professional work provided him with his sole source of income. Jose is originally from Mexico, and he holds an American-Mexican passport.

Trino was raised in Mexico by his parents before moving permanently to the United States.

Jenni has made significant contributions to the music industry with songs like Resulta, Ya Lo Se, Basta Ya, and Chuper Amigos.

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Trino Marin Profession

he met Jenni Rivera when she was just 15 years old. At the age of 20, Jose Marin Trinidad proposed to Dolores (Jenni).

Following this, in 1984, they got hitched together. Jose got recruited as an administrative manager at an American-Mexican café at the age of 22 and began earning a respectable wage.

Trini Marin Net worth

Jose Marin owns between 600,000 and 800,000 USD(not confirmed). Trino was sacked from his previous management position.

Someone started the rumor that he wanted to develop sexual connections with his coworkers. However, questioning revealed that it was never a rumor. Jose also physically assaulted one of his coworkers.

Jenni Rivera- Jose Trino Marin’s Wife?

Jenni Rivera – Resulta

Net Worth Of Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera, the late and ex wife of Trino, was a well-known singer, particularly in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Rivera has 22 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 11 Billboard Mexican Music Awards, and 18 Lo Nuestro Awards to her credit.

Rivera has also received over 100 nominations for prizes in several song and music categories. Jenni Rivera was also recognized for her contributions to Latinos and their well-being in society.

Disturbing News revealed by Jenni Rivera

Trino Marin- Biography, Net Worth, Sexual Assault Charges and Life in 2022
Jenni Rivera. Photo: victor chavez /getty images

in 1997, Jenni Rivera sister Rose Rivera disclosed Jose Marin’s maltreatment and violence publically. She said in a statement that he not only molested her but also sexually abused his elder daughter Chiquis Rivera and younger daughter Jacqueline.

Was Tinio Marin Guilty and Jailed?

Who is Trino Marin,Who is Jenni Rivera

Marin, who was out on $1 million bond, was sentenced in Long Beach Superior Court wearing a blue prison uniform.

On May 9, 2007, he was convicted on eight counts, including three counts of indecent conduct with a child, three counts of oral copulation of a child, one crime of continuous sexual assault, and one count of aggravated sexual assault by Judge Joan Comparet-Cassani.

Trino Marin pleads Not Guilty

Despite being charged, he denied all charges Jenni Rivera victor chavez getty imagesrefused to make any statements. In one of his previous statements, he even claimed that the case was a publicity hoax orchestrated by his ex-wife.

Jenni and Trino fought a one-year legal struggle until the judge declared Jose guilty in court. Following his trial, Marin was sentenced to 31 years in prison. According to Deputy District Attorney Mark Burnley, the sentence was imposed in response to eight serious violations.

Where is Trino Marin Now?

Trino Marin- Biography, Net Worth, Sexual Assault Charges and Life in 2022
Trino Speaking to reporters. Photo: RSI online

In the United States prison, where Trino Marín, Jenni Rivera’s first husband, altough he still serves his jail sentence, it sentence was reduced by half and he will be released in the coming months.

Despite the fact that he raped two of his daughters. One of them, La Chiquis, since she was two years old, and also her sister-in-law Rosie Rivera, since she was 7 years old.

This pedophile has never accepted the blame, and insists that everything said about him was a publicity stunt by Jenni Rivera to launch herself into fame.

But now that he is back on the street, who is safe, if he abused his daughters and his sister-in-law? The scandal is over, and let’s not be surprised if now, when he regains his freedom, he goes to live in the house of one of his daughters, and we see them together praying in a church, already forgiven. – Ceriani’s Instagram Post

Ceriani’s Instagram Post on the release of Trino.

Shocking Death of Ex wife- Jenni Rivera

Trino Marin
Jenni performing to an audience. Photo:

Trino Marin’s ex-wife, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash near Monterrey, Mexico on December 9, 2012. Six people including the singer were killed in the Learjet 25 plane crash.

The officials couldn’t determine the cause of the accident even after a thorough investigation. Loss of control of the aircraft was claimed as the probable cause of the accident later on.

Rivera was buried on December 31, 2012, at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California.

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