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True love exists: Young man flaunts his beautiful midget wife on social media which has gotten people talking

What Is Real Love/Relationship?
A RELATIONSHIP is not about having a handsome boyfriend or having a beautiful girlfriend. It’s not about looking for a perfect person because there isn’t any perfect person on earth. It’s not about looking for a well off or a rich person. Having a lot of money doesn’t mean that one has too much pure love. MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE.

A relationship is about finding someone who respects you, who cares about you in anyway he/she can afford, who understands you, who is proud of having you, who loves you the way you are. Who is faithful to you, who knows how to comfort you, who knows to encourage you and who would accept the worst of you & who will go through everything without giving up on you.

Such people are very rare to find these days. If you have got one, just keep that person. Handle him or her with care, be honest & contented with that person and don’t ever thing of hurting & letting down of that special person.

Falling in love is beautiful. When you’re with them, everything makes complete sense. And you don’t need much when you’re in love. Just holding hands, eating ice cream, and talking about your fears or childhood memories makes you happy.

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling, but it’s temporary. With love comes compromises – small and big. You stop wearing that worn t-shirt you felt comfortable in because they don’t like that colour. You watch horror movies just because they like them even though they scare you. You stay up late just to talk to them for a few more minutes because they live in a different time zone.

You feel conflicted about moving to a different city for college. You think before taking up that job in a different city because that would mean that the two of you would have to be away from each other. You wonder if love likes to eat freedom for dinner.

A part of you resents them for holding you back, unknowingly. You just feel stuck because of their hesitations and silences. You end the misery when you talk to them and listen to their side patiently. They tell you everything is okay as long the two of you have each other’s back.

In the end, that’s what love is all about. It is about fighting and making up. It is about being confused and being understood. It is about sharing a laugh and never giving up on each other. It’s finding comfort in those compromises because it makes them happy, and that’s all that you want anyway.

This man has has shown real love to his beautiful wife and this has generated a lot of talking on social media. Many are of the view that love is indeed blind and this midget of a wife has found a handsome partner.

This man holds his love so dear in this trending photos on social media which seems to suggest that love is all we need and not look at the features of your partner.

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