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True love Shows as man marries with 35 Pragia riders as escorts to church

Most prefer costly weddings every week in our cities organized with a lot of money and sometimes very luxurious cars but this partners agreed to go with the normal for their marriage or wedding.

Transported in a three-wheel automobile popularly known as pragia made the wedding of the year as described by inhabitants of the city.

The wedding was being seen as the most exceptional and successful wedding.

It was noted that, the three wheel motorcycle driver was escorted by 35 motor bikes from his colleagues.

The wedding was remarkable as it caused massive responses online, some complimented them by thanking the woman who was to join the man demonstrating its true love.

This is because our ladies nowadays are into material things instead of true love.

It could be seen in the picture that, the procession on yellow and black colors, the couple in front, everything happened in an atmosphere without embarrassment.

What made this union very outstanding is that, the people of Agboville had never seen such an event in their locality.

Unexpectedly, everyone was enthusiastic about this unusual wedding.

This young married man did not try to do more than himself, this going beyond his means. It was a pure simple and exceptional marriage.

Many people showed love to them and gave them motivational words.

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