Truth About Ayanda Ncwane’s Real Age, Husband Sfiso’s Death And Her Love Life Since.

Ayanda Ncwane is a South African actress, model and businesswoman who hails from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

The 37-year-old Ayanda, born on 12th August 1983, is now seen by many South Africans as a widow as young as she is ever since she lost her husband, making it a difficult ride in her life.

Ayanda And Her Late Husband Were Happily Married.

The late husband of Ayanda, Sifso Ncwane was a South African gospel musician.

They met in 2001 when Ayanda was only just 18 years and were together for a very long time.

After being in a courtship for close to 8 years, they finally tied the knot in June, 2007.

2017 would have been their 10th anniversary if Sifso had not died in December 2016.

However, he left behind two boys with his wife Ayanda and assets they can rely on.

Ayanda Ncwane’s Challenges Before And After The Death Of Sifso.

As we all know, challenges are bound to happen in a marriage and that is exactly what Ayanda faced while married to her late husband and even after his death.

Ayanda’s first challenged was when her in-laws tagged her as a gold-digger who was only after their son’s money.

Their accusation was based on the fact that the late Sifso used to be the breadwinner for both his nuclear and extended family.

Another challenge encountered by Ayanda was from the alleged baby mamas of her late husband who accused him of being the father of their kids.

Some of these baby mamas included, Pinky Dlamini and Nonku Williams.

However, the late Sifso Ncwane denied all the accusations and at some point in time challenged some of them for a paternity test.

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