Twene Jonas sent serious message to IGP following the robbery attack on the Bullion van

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Following the killing of Police officer Emmanuel Osei by armed men at James town while on escorting duties in a bullion van, Ghanaians are beginning to question how proactive our Police service is to deal with issues like this.

In this year alone, there have been countless robbery cases which has led to the loss of lives. Insecurity has become an issue but government and police services has maintained the situation is not as bleak as it may seem to many civilians.

The IGG James Oppong Boanuh in his latest speech has said something which seems to have angered some Ghanaians.

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In his visit to the family of the slain officer, The IGP told the media, there’s crime everywhere as such countries like US, Germany and UK are all dealing with crimes, the only place there is no crime is heaven and Ghana is not heaven so such issues are likely to happen but that does not mean the Police is not on top of issues.

The issue about banks providing armored vehicles as bullion a vans has taken over the discussion with the Police service saying should banks fail to provide armored vehicles as bullion vans, they will withdraw their services.

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Speaking to 3fm in Accra, Ambrose Dery who is the interior minister has said the police service have only 5000 bulletproof vest against 40,000 personnel.

Social Media commentator Twene Jonas in reacting to all of these has said Ghana has lost it when it comes to issue of security.

He questioned how much it would take for Ghana to provide bulletproof vest to police officers?

Jonas went ahead to blast the IGP to be up and doing and stop the talks because people are losing their lives.

He suggested that, police officers must be provided with sidearm aside their assaults rifles to be proactive in situations like what happened at James town which led to the death of an officer.

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“Every police officer must have pistol because sometimes in attacks their big guns are stuck that they can’t even pull it out to defend themselves.

All banks must have armored vehicles, how much is even that. All you guys know is to buy house with tax payers monies to sluts inside East legon”

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