No, my lively imagination doesn’t make me say those things. It really exists this village. Every year there are scientists and journalists from around the globe. How would that be? We claim this mystery to all of you.

The village in question is named SALINAS. It is based in the Republic of Dominica. In this town, when certain children are born (not all of them), they are girls born, that is, they have the genitals of women.

But, after they reach the age of 12, the age of puberty, the genitals become the genitals of male, including the private part and the bones. And we inform you that these new organs typically act in the continuity of children’s growth to adulthood.

This remarkable phenomena is known as “guevedoces,” meaning penis at the age of 12 years and made many films, including BBC documentary materials.

Don’t laugh because consider parents’ suffering, including infants, needing to changing their names while the majority. For instance, Jeanne who becomes Jean unexpectedly.

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The fact that these kids are deficient in the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme illustrates the fact that Dr Julyanne Impersato-Mcginley, who was one of the first scientists to experience this atypical metamorphosis. This is an important testosterone factor for male genital development.

But what the scientist does not claim, why do we only find such a phenomenon in the only village of Salinas? The mystery is still unanswered, as you can see.

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