Understanding Simmy’s Age And The Emakhaya Singer’s Full Biography.

Simmy is a South African singer who gained prominence in the music industry in 2019 and has since remained relevant and recognised by her discoveries.

Understanding Simmy's Age And The Emakhaya Singer's Full Biography.

Her style of performance is in a relation as a neo-soul singer and electronic dance music (EDM) .

Quick Profile Summary Of Simmy.

Name: Simphiwe Nhlangulela.

Year of Birth: 1994.

Place of Birth: Tugela, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Nationality: South African.

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter.

Genre: Afro-house, neo-soul, neo-folk.

Record Label: El World Music.

Controversies About Simmy’s Age.

Simmy’s actual age has been a source of controversy since she burst into fame.

Her year of birth has been disclosed by many news media as 1994 which she is supposed to be 27 years as in 2021.

Contrary to that, Simmy once told Apple music that she was 24 years old, which makes her real age controversial. As for her actual date of birth, it still remains a mystery.

Simmy’s Debut Album That Got Her Much Recognition.

In 2017, Simmy released her first album titled, ‘Tugela Fairy’ which was featured in Apple Music Artist Spotlight.

Almost all the tracks in the album surpassed 500k views on YouTube, with a couple of them reaching 1 million views.

According to her, she was very shy to even perform on stages at the start of her career as a musician.

But over the years, he has developed so much confidence to stand before thousands of crowds and fearlessly perform.

List Of Her Most Popular Songs So Far.

• Ngiyesaba – 2018.

• Nawe _ 2018.

• Ubala _ 2018.

• My Light _ 2020.

• We were here _ 2020.

• Angimale _ 2020.

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