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University Lecturer invite Military Personnels to act as invigilators during a Quiz

A University Lecturer in has invited Soldiers to come and invigilate a test he was conducting for students.

Invigilation is one of the normal requirements during a question tests or examination sessions that are meant to Access students understanding of lessons thought.

At the University level, Most lecturers value it more than going to lectures and impact any knowledge into their students and the was the same step that the said lecturer took by deploying soldiers to guide students just to prevent them from cheating.

The incident reportedly happened In Angola in the southern part of Africa and the Lecture in question is said to be a Military personnel himself.

One brave student was able to pull out her camera and record the moment the soldiers storm the lecture hall.

In the video, one can see the military personnels getting ready to distribute the quiz papers while the students also get themselves set for the usual tough challenge coming.

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