Yoki Sturrup, a well-known virtual entertainment sensation, is married to Dee Sturrup, her better half. Because of her YokiSturrup YouTube channel, she has gained notoriety.

She is a well-known Youtuber and social media force who has gained a considerable following as a result of her extraordinary fashion sense, vlogging, videos, event advice, and smart challenges.

Sturrup was born in the United States and currently resides in Miami with her devoted husband. She lives in a mixed-identity environment. She is, in any case, an American citizen.

Yoki has 449K subscribers and over 64.4 million views on YouTube.She has 162k fans on Instagram, where she is also very active. The well-known YouTube has since evolved into a web entertainment VIP.

Yoki Sturrup’s spouse Comparison of Dee Sturrup’s Net Worth Dee Sturrup, Yoki Sturrup’s better half, was married. It’s unclear how they met, how long they dated, or the specifics of their wedding.

Like Yoki, Dee is also incredibly private; aside from the fact that he is the cinematographer for Yoki’s video, very little about his life is known to the public.

It’s unclear if Dee has any other jobs than serving as Yoki’s substitute cameraman. In any case, the spouse does occasionally show up on the screen. He is taller than his significant other and has facial hair growth. He typically dons a cap and glasses in these recordings.

Yoki’s assets are estimated to be worth about $1 million in total. She makes almost $40,000 a year from YouTube alone. Her allies contribute to this total.

Her contribution to virtual entertainment has helped her amass such tremendous wealth.

Age Disparity Between Dee Sturrup and Yoki Starrup. In 2022, Yoki Starrup will be 44 years old. In no other place has Dee Sturrup disclosed his age.

Yuri’s birthday is on March 22, as we can see from a YouTube video of him.

The vast majority of their information has not been discovered through online entertainment. Dee doesn’t seem particularly lively in online entertainment either, which makes it harder to uncover his nuances.

Sturrup, Yoki Marriage and Family Life Yoki Starrup’s wife is Dee Sturup. It’s unclear how they used to interact, how long they dated, or the intricacies of their wedding.

Since they haven’t disclosed any information about their marriage or ceremony, their nuptials remain a secret. It doesn’t seem like Dee and Yoki are parents, either jointly or separately.

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