Vanity upon vanity: see how this man was spraying money in public like there’s no tomorrow

The Cubana chief priest sprays several money at his friend’s wedding, with numerous reactions as a because he’s a star club owner and an influencer. In the company of its defense aids Cubana Chief Priest, formerly a member of the Cubana party wedding stormed and began spraying wads of money notes straight away.

He poured money before other guests were surprised at the wedding and began to shout. In reality, they both lost their attention to the dance that they performed and put all their minds on the money that was being sprayed.

The MC told anyone who did not spray money to return to their seats otherwise, because of their unreasonable passion, the incentives and protection would take them.

Video rounds online show how the money was sprayed and when Chief Priest encountered one guy in a peculiar way that people had spoken. In reality, Cubana Chief Priest killed the wedding, to be very honest with you all, and is the kind of friend invited for every wedding.

For those who may not know him much, before he split from Cubana, he was the regional manager of Cubana Nightclub & Bar in Owerri, Imo, which is very popular.

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