Vaseline likely to short if Serwaa Amihere’s alleged video drops, First class market researchers revealed

Serwaa Amihere is the talk of the town after an Instagram blogger dropped some alleged chat of her and a friend allegedly talking discussing how they can play with our politicians.

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The revelations went to the extent that, the blogger, a private video Serwaa allegedly sent to her is currently in the custody of the blogger.

Sources also revealed that Serwaa Amihere’s friend went to such extent of releasing their alleged private chats because she was having something to do with her man.

Some said she had been doing hookups for politicians etc.

Many are still in a doubt about Serwaa Amihere’s private video issues which Is currently trending all over the Ghanaian Internet.

None of the information above has been confirmed with solid pieces of evidence yet.

I believe that the alleged video and all other allegations attached to it are things people are doing to tarnish the beautiful GhOne News Anchor.

Following the news of Serwaa Amihere’s private video, Twitter first-class market researchers predicted that Vaseline will short in the market if the video of Serwaa finally drops and is confirmed.

According to them, boys will use the Vaseline for the “Personal feeling good jobs” in their homes while watching the video since Serwaa is super hot.

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