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Video – I Can Come To America And One Of Us Will Die; Another Muslim Man Warns Twene Jonas About Islam And Prophet Mohammed

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Twene Jonas lambasts state authorities for neglecting the Muslim community

He also criticised the Zongo community for not fighting for development

Some Muslims are not happy including a young man based in Europe for his utterances

Twene Jonas strong words against the state authorities and muslim leaders for not developing their communities has generated some form of hatred for the young man.

Muslims are infuriated and extremely aggressive to find and attack Twene Jonas wherever he is. Prior to this, others have warned him to be cautious of the way he speaks and not attract hatred for himself.

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A gentleman based in Europe has also come out to issue a strong warning to Twene Jonas to desist from insulting Islam and the prophet. He said” somebody should advise the Twene Jonas guy to be careful. Because he has a large followings, he thinks he can say anything and go Scot free.”

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He added that there is free internet in Europe and anybody can speak better you. We don’t joke with our prophet muhammad and our religion. We respect him and any demeaning comments about him is against the entire muslim community in the whole world.

In addition the concerned Muslim admonished Twene Jonas to be circumspect and shun his verbal assault against Muslims or else he can board a flight to America and between him and Twene Jonas it will be bloody.

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His conculsive words were that ” I can die for my prophet and if I come to America one of us will die. This is a warning and should it happen again, you shall see.”

You can watch the video below

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