[Video]- Nigerian Young Woman Narrate How She Narrowly Escaped From Kidnappers

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A Nigerian lady has shared a chilling revelation of how she managed to escaped from her kidnappers in a moving car.

The frightened looking lady in giving her account said she had stopped a public transport but the conductor told her they can only pick one person since the car was almost full.

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Just when she was about entering the car, she saw one person with a sidearm threatening everyone to sit down in the car.

She managed to jumped out of the almost moving car to free herself from what could have been a trip of her to an unknown location.

Nigeria for years has been battling with issues of cybercrime, bandits and kidnapping but the menace seem to have been on the rise lately with the American government even cautioning its citizens to stay away from almost 15 states of Nigeria

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Watch Video of her narrative below

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