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Video of a Chinese national executing his Kun-Fu skills in a serious fight with Ghanaian.

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-Chinese national captured in a video fighting dirty with some black men suggested to be Ghanaians.

A video goes viral on social media with some Chinese nationals in heated argument with black citizens as it eventually led to a fight.

In the video, a black man was seen addressing his fellow black men in what is suggested to be a meeting, whiles these Chinese nationals were standing starring at them with one speaking Chinese harshly to them.

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All of a sudden, the grieved Chinese man then approached the black man with a first punch as the black man also revenged with a kick.

This Chinese national then went ahead to grab a spear-stick with an attempt to stab the black man to death as the other black people prevented him.

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The video has raised a lot of controversies and comments with mixed feelings.

As to whether it happened in Ghana or not has not been confirmed yet but one will say it didn’t happen in Ghana, listening to the accent.

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