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Video of British Prime Minister Running to catch a Train to avoid getting to work late pops up

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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has may just have to hit the track to compete with Usain Bolt as video of him running to catch a train hits online.

In the video, Mr. Johnson was so much in a hurry to knowing he will be late for work should if he failed to get into the passing Train and wait for the next one. He started running at a faster pace and his crew were left with no option that to increase the pace as well.

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This is a clear indication that the System is working out there and there will be no way a train will stop specially for the Prime Minister just because of his position.

Mr. Johnson can also relax and still wait for the next Train thinking no one will give him any form of punishment as our politicians down here does every single day but because he is committed to the job, he was in a hurry to get there.

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