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Video Of Omah Lay’s Girlfriend With Another Man Surfaces Hours After Showing Her To The World

Trust social media trolls to find trouble for you when they see you happy.

It has ended in tears barely 24 hours after Nigerian singer Omah Lay showed off his beautiful girlfriend Gloria to the world.

Omah Lay decided to break the heart of many female fans so he posted a lovey-dovey video of them online.

I bet many fans and lovers of his music who thought he was single shed tears because their chance to throw themselves at him went through the window.

Shortly after the Godly singer posted the video, heartbroken fans dug up another video which suggested that the girlfriend was cheating on Omah Lay with another man.

The video had Gloria having fun with another man. Although that is normal, fans made it look as if the other man was her boyfriend to, pointing at her behavior with the man.

Unable to bare the disgrace, Omah Lay unfollowed Gloria on Instagram. A search on his official page shows that he is no loner following the girlfriend which sort of give flesh to the rumors.

21st century kids start their divorce or break up by unfollowing each other on social media then they delete every picture and video they did with you, at that point, know that it has ended in tears.

Watch the video below

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