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Violent Protests in South Africa turns to looting, malls emptied

A major unrest sparked by citizens has once again left South Africa with chaotic and violent happenings in Johannesburg.

South Africa is long ago known to be ones that are not easily quenched the moment they spark flames what ever being their reasons.

This time the intense clash began following the arrest of former President, Jacob Zuma was arrested on grounds of corruption.

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Videos we gathered from the ongoing happenings indicates protesters took advantage of the violence they are shaking up to loot shopping malls.

Yesterday, July 12, was the fourth day of the sad happenings and that has seen Buildings and cars on the principal streets of Johannesburg have been torched and left destroyed.

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The president Cyril Ramaphosa in reactions to the ongoing issues stands firmly no criminal will be tolerated in the country while also insisting there is no justification of the crisis.

โ€œWhile there are so many who have been hurt and angry at this moment, there can never be any justification for such violent, destructive and disruptive actions,โ€ he said during his speech.

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