“Voltarians and Northerners are referred to as Animals at the Jubilee house” Kelvin Taylor alleges

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In your candid opinion, an outspoken and vociferous communicator like Kelvin Taylor, will come no where close to any of the appointed leaders of H. E Nana Addo, come to think of them, full of happiness and obvious smile abi?

Again, many see Kelvin Taylor as hiding somewhere that he cannot be reached, far away from the view of people in power, as he hosts his broadcasts live from the USA almost weekly and creating viral contents for Ghanaians, as he lambast the Akuffo Addo led government.

Much as Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries on the continent, the way politics is done in the country is sometimes too extreme. The major political parties in the country, per their history were built on the lines of ethnic affiliations.

However that practice seems to be closing, though just like any other country, both have their strongholds, which is largely built on ethnic connections.

People have now crossed carpet to belong to either of the parties. The National Democratic Congress tend to win more of its votes from the Volta and Northern Regions and is made of majority of its members being from those regions.

The NPP on the other hand, dominated the Ashante and Eastern Regions with votes and members.

Nonetheless we have quite a number of prominent leaders of these parties who have crossed carpet.

But a statement made by the outspoken Kelvin Taylor, has dealt a big blow to the unity of the country. According to him, on his Loud Silence TV show, the Ashantes in the Jubilee House refers to people from Volta and Northern Ghana as animals

He said this at the back of a comment made by the former Deputy of Information, Pauis Elam Hadzide, that he is as of now free and will be ready to serve in any capacity he is given.

I think this is an unfortunate comment which should not be encouraged, if we are to safeguard the peace the people enjoy in the country.

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