Watch: A woman can be heard saying, “I don’t want to die,” in a tragic Salt Lake City arrest video.

The Salt Lake City Police Department released video of Megan Joyce Mohn’s 40-year-old arrest on January 11 on August 11. Mohn died 19 days after being held, and a medical examiner found that his death was a homicide.

According to Fox News, the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner came to the conclusion that the death might have been a murder as a result of how the Salt Lake City police handled the arrest, which many have cited as an example of police brutality.

Throughout the arrest, the unhappy woman could be overheard appealing with the arresting officers and expressing her anxiety.

She remarked:

Please, I don’t want to pass away.

In the midst of growing public condemnation of the arrest, the Salt Lake City Police Department released footage from three bodycams worn by the responding officers. The investigation into Mohn’s death is still ongoing.

Dispute involving the Salt Lake City Police Department

According to The Independent, at 3:13 am on January 11, the Salt Lake City Police Department was informed that Megan Joyce Mohn was circling with a rebar pipe. Later, it was discovered that she had both spices and methamphetamine in her possession.

As the officers can be heard asking Mohn for identification in the footage, she replies that her ID has been stolen. She then asks the authorities for water, but they turn her down. Chris Burbank, the chief of the Salt Lake City Police Department, disagreed with the choice to ultimately cut off her backpack.

He declared:

What granted you the authority to interfere with someone else’s property? They are not permitted by law to damage her property in any way.
Before they can restrain her, she battles with the officers for nearly three minutes. The policeman then bound her feet. When Mohn arrived at the hospital, it was discovered that his condition was critical. Burbank claimed that the cops used excessive force in retaliation.

In the end, the woman’s death was caused by the encounter with the responding officer.

Burbank continued,

“We need to think about why we are there. Why are we there? Why is it necessary to do that? In this instance, it wasn’t.

The Salt Lake City branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s spokeswoman, Adrian Lambrinos, who opposes police violence, criticized the responding officers’ behavior in a written statement.

He declared:

It’s repulsive. We find it repulsive, yet it also comes as no surprise.

Lambrinos continued,

“What we see in the video is that they’re already trying to justify themselves to arrest her by getting identification when they get there,” says the author. They are more focused on that than helping the woman.

The department failed, in Chief Burbank’s opinion, because it took so long to launch an investigation.