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Wet Koalas: Find out What it Means (See Photos)

The idea of Wet Koalas may look normal like any other animal with a wet fur was consistent. However, a picture of a scary wet koalathat circulated on the internet seems to doubt this entire idea as they show something different. let’s dive into it!

What are Koalas?

SCIENTIFIC NAMEPhascolarctos cinereus
WEIGHT20 pounds

The koala is a well-known Australian creature. This tree-climbing animal is a marsupial—a mammal having a pouch for the development of offspring—and is sometimes referred to as the “bear” koala.

Koalas have hair that resembles the coarse wool of a sheep, despite their fluffy appearance. They have two opposing thumbs on each hand, and rough pads and claws on both their feet and hands to grasp onto trees. On their feet, they have two fused toes that they utilize to comb their fur.

The eucalyptus woodlands of southern and eastern Australia are home to koalas. They normally eat while they aren’t asleep. The eucalyptus tree provides both shelter and food for them.

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What made Wet Koalas a thing on the internet?

Wet koala may appear to be a harmless word, but its disturbing Google meaning is far from what you may expect.

People were given nightmares after a Photoshopped photograph of a scary-looking koala went viral. Something didn’t feel quite right to several internet users, leading to questions about the image’s validity.

Here is a Picture of the famous Scary Wet Koala

Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (Photos)

Looks scary right?

This image seemed to questioned a lot of people image of the animal as a soft, slow, cute and harmless bear. Facing them is a big, aggressive and terrorizing animal that wants a piece of who ever is taking the picture.

The image went viral because it featured a koala with vicious-looking teeth as if it was about to attack someone. While most internet users began to redefine how they viewed the animal, others wouldn’t not let this picture alter their believe about the Koala, thus hunting for the truth.

The original photo was taken by a Flickr user in 2009, and it was only years later that it was discovered to be a fake photoshopped image. Following the photograph’s virality, a Reddit threat admitted the hoax, claiming that a dog’s jaws had been pasted over the image of a koala.

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Here is a Real picture of the Scary Wet Koala

Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (Photos)

Not too scary now is it?

Did you know:  koalas may sleep for 18 to 22 hours.

Wet koalas, contrary to popular belief, do not appear to be very frightening, as evidenced by photographs taken in the wild.

They are mostly harmless unless they feel threatened. On the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, koalas are listed as vulnerable.

More Wet Koalas Images

Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (See Photos)
Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (See Photos)
Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (See Photos)
Wet Koalas: Find Out What It Means (See Photos)

According to One Kind Planet, the greatest important danger to koala numbers is habitat loss due to forest clearing in Australia for urban, industrial, and rural development.

The koala will go extinct in New South Wales before 2050, according to the results of a year-long study given to the Australian Senate last year.

5,000 koalas died in the catastrophic bushfires that destroyed over a million hectares of the state between 2019 and 2020, according to Committee Chairwoman Cate Faehrmann.

This resulted in the loss of 24% of koala habitat on public property, with the number reaching to 81 percent in the worst-affected locations.

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What is Wet Buttom In Koalas?

Wet Koalas: Find out What it Means (See Photos)

Chlamydial urinary tract infections are the most common cause of ‘wet bottom,’ a staining of the rump associated with urine incontinence. Koalas, on the other hand, have a lot more damp bottoms than humans.

Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted illness that also affects people, has wreaked havoc on wild koalas, with some populations seeing 100% infection rates.

Although the pathogenic germs are seldom lethal, they can have a significant influence on a koala’s health. This is a cause for worry because the International Union for Conservation of Nature considers the fuzzy animal to be endangered, owing to habitat loss.

Young koalas in the pouch obtain it from their mothers’ pap, which she describes as “extremely nutrient-dense fecal matter” that joeys take after nursing but before they start eating eucalyptus leaves. The pap might help the koala’s gut microorganisms digest potentially harmful tannins in eucalyptus, which is the animals’ major food source.

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