PRINCE Andrew has five teddies and soft toys that have to be put in specific positions on his bed every night, an ITV documentary claims, but what are they?

In the ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile, a former royal officer explain everything about the Duke’s toys.

What Are Prince Andrew’s Five Teddy Bears?
What Are Prince Andrew’s Five Teddy Bears? Image Source: US Time Today

What are Prince Andrew’s five teddy bears?

Prince Andrew is believed to own five teddy bears, as well as three pillows, blankets, and a fur coat, as well as a design of how they should be placed.
According to a royal insider who has seen the handwritten guidance on how Prince Andrew’s bed should be prepared, his teddy collection includes two hippos and a black panther.
It’s also stated that the three cushions are named “Daddy,” “Ducks,” and “Prince.”
At Buckingham Palace in 2019, writer Elizabeth Day was introduced to Andrew’s bears.
She added, “It seemed unusual that a mature guy could be pleased by a plush toy.”
She also said the Duke had a teddy bear “proudly propped up on a chair outside his office, given to him as a wedding gift by his wife,” which she described as “proudly propped up on a chair outside his office.”

“I’ve always collected teddy bears,” Andrew said in 2010.
“Everywhere I travelled in the Navy, I used to purchase a tiny teddy bear, so I have a collection of some type from all over the globe.”

What have Royal staff said about Prince Andrew’s teddy bears?

According to former royal officer Paul Page, who served in the Royal Protection Command from 1998 to 2004, Prince Andrew would “scream and scream” if his collection of toy bears on his bed was messed up by maids.

When he obtained access to Andrew’s private apartment, he claimed to have seen his bed heaped high with plush toys.
He added that it had approximately 50 or 60 plush toys on the bed, and essentially, there was a card the inspector gave us in a drawer that had a photo of these bears all in place.
The reason for the laminated image was that if the maids didn’t place the bears back in the exact sequence, he would yell and shout.
The “DOY bed: Points for turning down & making the bed” laminated instructions were put near the Duke’s Buckingham Palace bedroom.
While his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, is in the country, Andrew lives in Royal Lodge in Windsor, but he has a suite of apartments at the Palace for overnight stays when he is working in London.
The items from his bedroom are said to have been picked up and transferred away during recent renovations.
Andrew, who stepped down from the throne in 2019 after being linked to the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is now facing attempts to oust him from the 31-room Royal Lodge.
On January 18, at 9 p.m., Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, and the Paedophile will be broadcast on ITV.

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