Malik Willis is an American football player.

He plays the quarterback position for the Liberty Lames.

Malik was born on May 25, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia.

His parents are Harold Willis and Shasta Grier.

Malik attended Westlake High School in Atlanta. During his senior year, He transferred to Rosewell High School,  in Rosewell, Georgia.

At Rosewell, he made37 touchdowns, 2,562-yard passes and 1, 033 yards rushing.

Throughout his career, Malik has earned some accolades including the 2020 Cure Bowl MVP, Dudley Award (2020), and MVP at the 2021 Lending Tree Bowl.

What College Does Malik Willis Attend?

Malik Willis attended Auburn in 2017. In 2019, he transferred to Liberty University.

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