Let’s find out I need Igbo and Shayo meaning as used by Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

I need Igbo and shayo is line in line in a song which was released in 2022. It is one of the songs released by Burna Boy in the year. The title of the song is “Last Last”.

“Igbo” is a Yoruba word which means “weed” and “shayo” is also a Yoruba word which also means “alcohol”. So the meaning of Igbo and Shayo is Weed and Alcohol.

Igbo and shayo meaning.

The song Igbo and Shayo has a strong emphasis on joy and having a good time. As a result, the chorus is clear: Burna Boy utilizes smoking and drinking to deal with his heartbreak and angst.

Burna Boy expresses his true grief by saying, “My feelings been dey swing like jangolova,” which is slang for “my sentiments have been swinging up and down like a rollercoaster” (Jangolova is the Nigerian English word that refers to the playground).

Additionally, the vocalist explicitly states that he did everything she asked of him and that it still didn’t work near the song’s climax. He wonders if the girl may have become his wife if circumstances had been different.

Igbo and shayo meaning explained. Thank you for reading.


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