Joe Rhodes married Natalie Morales, a news journalist and television broadcaster, on August 22, 1998.

What does Joe Rhodes do for a living?

According to Live Ramp Up, Rhodes is a founder and current Managing Partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC.

Morales and Rhodes live with their family and rescue pets in Hoboken, New Jersey.

At the start of 2021, the host stated on Instagram that Rhodes had lost his father.

“It has been a sad start to the new year with the sudden passing of one of the most amazing people I knew, my father-in-law Joe Rhodes,” she wrote.

“He was a wonderful father and grandpa. He loved and cared for his wife Kay for more than 52 years and as she battled Alzheimer’s. He taught us so much about love, character, and devotion. We miss you and will keep you close in our hearts always.”

Rhodes’ mother, Kay, passed in 2014 after battling Alzheimer’s for almost two decades.

Who is Joe Rhodes wife, Natalie Morales-Rhodes?

Natalie Morales-Rhodes is a CBS Daytime talk show co-host and moderator. Morales had previously worked for NBC News as the West Coast anchor of Today, as well as Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News.

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