Although Raven revealed that she was a pilate instructor on the show, her other job seems to throw people off anytime she mentions it. According to Raven, her part-time job has severed her relationships in the past.

Find out the other job causing her to lose relationships and everything about her career in this article.

Who Is Raven Ross?

Raven Ross is a pilate instructor from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Not much h is known about the personal life of RAveen. She is mostly known for her appearance in Love Is Blind season 3.

What Does Raven Ross Do For A Living?

Raven Ross is a fitness trainer. She works as a certified instructor for Classic Pilates in Dallas, Texas.

According to her Instagram, she is also a Barre Instructor and a TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Specialist.

Raven also has a YouTube channel where she usually posts videos of herself and her pilate lessons.

Raven also bartends and offers bottle service during weekends. According to Raven, bartending is her part-time job. The career has also caused her a lot of relationships in the past since her past boyfriends did not seem comfortable with the job.

Is Raven Ross In A Relationship?

Raven is not known to be involved in any relationship at the moment. She is currently single and career-focused.

Although she came to Love IS Blind to find love, Raven failed to find or build a deeper connection with any of the other contestants on the show.

She is reported to have previously had a relationship with a wealthy older guy. There is also not much information regarding her relationship and dating history.

Raven Ross Ethnicity

Raven is an African American. She however holds American citizenship.

Raven Ross’s Age and Birthday

Raven Ross is 29 years. She was born in 1993. Her exact date of birth is not known at the moment.

Raven Ross Instagram

Raven has an active Instagram account where she usually posts about her work and dancing routines. Her account has over 6,000 followers. Her handle is given as @pilatesbodyraven.


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