This article seeks to reveal the amazement the definition of the phrase ‘Salty Ice Cream’ left on TikTok users across the globe. Let’s dive in to find the meaning of the phrase ‘Salty Ice Cream’. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

What does ‘Salty Ice Cream’ mean on Tiktok?

According to Urban Dictionary, Salty Ice Cream is a profane word. Urban Dictionary explains ‘Salty Ice Cream’ as a person who uses sperm that has been sitting around for more than two days without being used.

What does 'Salty Ice Cream' mean on TikTok?

Who could have possibly uploaded such a phrase and give it such a meaning? Kindly read further but further to discover more;

Who uploaded ‘Salty Ice Cream’?

‘Salty Ice Cream’ is a term that was uploaded onto the Urban Dictionary by Corey Miller in the year 2007.

Due to how shocked TikTok users became after discovering the meaning, many quickly started to create content reacting to the shocking meaning.

One of the users wrote: “I should’ve stayed curious.” And later added: “I already did sorry and now I’m crying.”


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