The late Slim 400 is a Compton rap pioneer. He was a representative of lineage, history, and tradition. His song “Piru” is one of the most-streamed tracks on Spotify. He collaborated with YG and Redrum 187, and he also released solo projects. Some of his most popular albums are “All Blassik” and “High Off TTreezIn.”

He was raised in Compton, California, and is a member of the infamous Crips gang. In the summer of 2009, Slim 400 was shot nine times while visiting family in Compton. Luckily, a family member saved him from the shooting. Born on June 21, 1988, Slim was the son of military parents. He was signed to the Pu$haz Ink music label, which was once popularized by YG. He had worked with Travis Scott and was involved with several other hip-hop artists.

What gang was Slim 400 in?

It’s unclear what gang Slim 400 was in when he was shot nine times during a drive-by shooting. After being hospitalized, he was back on the streets. However, this week, he was once again targeted by a gang. This time, the attack was captured on video. Thankfully, Slim was unharmed. And he is recovering. Regardless of his criminal past, his death has given him even more reasons to live for his music.

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