An unusual incident happened on AEW Dynamite after Adam Page had an emergency during the match. The highly anticipated match started fast-paced and bloody, but it came to an early and scary conclusion after Page took a clothesline from Moxley.

Read on to learn exactly what happened to Adam Page and how he is doing now.

What Happened To Adam Page?

During the Oct. 18 episode of AEW Dynamite, Adam Page faced off against Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship.

After dam took a clothesline from Moxley, he hit hard on his face and remained down for quite some time until the referees and the ringside doctor came in and abruptly stopped the match due to his obvious injury.

The referee then checked on Page and indicated that he needed medical assistance. As the match was called off, the ringside doctor entered the ring and attended to Page.

Following the injury, the cameras were moved away from Page, and officials released the ring ropes so Page could be brought out on a stretcher.

Page was injured with about 10 minutes remaining in Dynamite. Moxley utilized part of the remaining time to address the audience and wish Page the best.

According to a source who spoke to PWInsider, Adam might have suffered a concussion. The outlet also reported that Page left the venue and was taken to the hospital for further examination.

In the early hours of Oct. 19, AEW provided an injury update and confirmed “Hangman” Adam Page was diagnosed with a concussion.

Where Is Adam Page Now? Injury Update

Adam Page is currently receiving treatment. He has been discharged from the hospital and is currently out of any danger.

In a statement released by AEW, they said that “Hangman Adam Page was taken tonight by medical personnel to a Cincinnati trauma centre and diagnosed with a concussion. He was discharged, but will remain in AEW’s concussion protocol.”

Fans Are Applauding Referee Paul Turner

After the incident, AEW fans have also congratulated and commended the referee, Paul Turner, for how quick he reacted to save Adam’s life.


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