On August 5, 2022, Diego Bertie, a well-known actor and singer from Peru, passed away. He was 54 years old. The actor unfortunately passed away following a fall from the 14th stage of his growth. It was determined that he had passed away within only a few minutes of being transported to the hospital.

In a post on Instagram, Bertie’s manager, Carlos Sanchez de Los Angeles Puente, expressed his sadness at the actor’s untimely death and said the following:

The unexpected death of the actor was additionally announced through a tweet by the Peruvian Ministry of Tradition.

Diego, Bertie died (how? reason for death is examined.

Diego Bertie was killed at around four in the morning when he fell from the fourteenth floor of the Miraflores building, where he resided.

Bertie was located in his storage when paramedics and firefighters promptly approached him, according to Mario Casaretto, the general head of the fire division. In his storage, Bertie had previously been present.

According to Casaretto, Bertie was taken to the Jose Casimiro Ulloa Emergency Medical Center, but when he got there, he was declared dead. He continued by stating that the actor had multiple main fractures and head wounds as a result of the impact of falling 14 floors. When the Casimiro Ulloa Health Institution learned of Bertie’s passing, it made the following statement:

According to the government’s initial findings, it appears to be somewhat likely that the actor was unable to maintain his balance and fell from the 14th story. Instead, authorities from the Miraflores police station and prison experts are currently analyzing the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine what exactly happened, what caused the deaths, and who is to blame.

Who was Diego Bertie before? Everything we are aware of

Diego Bertie was born on November 2nd, 1967, and was of both British and Italian descent. His work in theater, film, and television contributed to his success in the entertainment industry. He made his performing debut at the age of 20.

Throughout the final decade of the 1980s, when he also enjoyed a successful singing career, Bertie was a member of the musical group Imagenes. He used to appear in numerous TV advertisements before rising to fame as a movie and television actor.

In 2007, Diego played the role of Adolfo in the film Los Andes no creen en Dios, which was where he gained the most of his fame. The movie was up for consideration for the prize for Best Movie during the Cartagena Film Pageant.

His other notable pieces include Extremely Warrior, Complete Fathom 5, Esto huele mal, and Desierto Infernal.

Fans pay respect on Twitter

Bertie rose to prominence in the entertainment industry as a consequence of his numerous roles in films, TV shows, and degree productions. When word of his demise spread, people flooded Twitter to express their condolences.

There was no clear information made public about the actors’ private lives.

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