The announcement of J. Balvin’s passing sparked internet chaos a few months ago.

The “Principe del Reggaeton” is well-known Colombian musician J Balvin. He has worked in the music business for almost 20 years.

Over 35 million of his albums have been sold worldwide, making him one of the best-selling Latin music performers.

He has received a total of about eleven Billboard Latin Music Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and other honors. But in March 2022, word of the passing of such a gifted artist spread online.

It was the most startling and terrible moment for his dedicated followers, who greatly revered him.

J. Balvin’s Obituary and Cause of Death

In March 2022, word of the singer J. Balvin’s passing spread online, and people started paying tribute to the musician on Twitter. Everything started when his passing was announced on his Wikipedia page.

According to rumors on the street, he reportedly passed away after an automobile accident when he collided with an intoxicated motorist. The artists had no obituary; instead, only rumors of their passing gave rise to theories.

Currently, there are numerous posts on the internet stating that “J Balvin was found dead.” Many users believed Wikipedia when it said he died on March 3, 2022.

Meanwhile, the English-language section of the website said that there was an “Error: Invalid birth date for determining age.” His profile bio has since returned to normal, and the Wikipedia entry about his death has been deleted.

The death hoax of the artist started after some people believed the artist had passed away because of his Wikipedia profile.

Is J. Balvin alive today?

It’s true, J. Balvin is still around and healthy. In addition to actively pursuing his musical career, he will shortly visit the ACE Awards to accept recognition as a world-renowned style icon.

Additionally, the Wikipedia entry has already been amended to reflect the exact information on the artist’s passing. The rumors were immediately debunked online, even though they initially caused a stir.

The characteristics of Wikipedia that allow any internet user to contribute and change the information may be to blame for this issue.

The artist’s concerned and ailing fan base sighed with relief when they discovered that the false information had been uncovered and that he was still alive.

Get to Know Valentina Ferrer, J. Balvin’s Wife or Girlfriend

Valentina Ferrer, who will soon become J. Balvin’s wife, is now dating him. The relationship between the two people started in 2018, and they have now been together for more than three years.

The couple’s family was completed on June 27, 2021, when a baby boy was born in New York City. He was also their first child and the first step they took toward fatherhood.

Valentina is a renowned Argentine model and the 2014 Miss Argentina, in addition to being a lovely mother and partner. She is also an actor and a TV host.

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