Kaycee Clark was born on December 26, 1987, in San Diego, California. Kaycee is a television personality. She is known for her appearances on reality TV shows. Kaycee has been featured in several reality shows in the US.

Kaycee Clark is the Big Brother season 20 winner She won the Spies, Lies & Allies season of MTV’s The Challenge She was a finalist for The Challenge: Total Madness and Double Agents.

Fans have been speculating and asking questions since Kaycee ad his brother were dismissed from The Challenge. Read on to find out why Kaycee and his brother were dropped from the show.

What Happened to Kaycee Clark on ‘The Challenge’?

Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny exited with no explanation. Kaycee and Kenny were one of the favourites on the show.

It is never known what happened as no one gave any comments about their sudden exit and absence. The host, TJ Lavin’s only comment made on their exit was, “Well, stating the obvious, we live in crazy times right now, and already Kaycee and Kenny had to leave the game.”

Why did Kaycee and Kenny Leave ‘The Challenge’?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kayce said the reason he and Keny were dropped from the show was that they had contracted the coronavirus. Both Kaycee and her brother tested positive for COVID-19.

In the interview, Kaycee said, “Apparently, me and my brother had it. It was travelling, going to Argentina [to film this season], and we ended up getting COVID and getting sick. The crazy thing is I didn’t feel any of the symptoms. I mean, I had a light cold, but everyone had a light cold. But my brother and I had COVID, so we had to exit the game.”

Who Replaced Kaycee and Keny On ‘The Challenge’?

Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser were the replacement for Kaycee and Kenny. They will battle it out alongside Nam Vo and Emmy Russ to try and become The Challenge: Ride or Dies champions.


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