Melissa Elizabeth Lucio is the first woman of Hispanic descent to be sentenced to death in Texas. She became known after she got charged with the death of her daughter, Mariah Alvarez.

Melissa was born on June 18, 1969, in Lubbock, Texas. Her father died when she was still a kid. Lucio is a victim of sexual abuse. According to Lucio, her mother’s boyfriend sexually abused her for over two years since she was seven.

In February 2007, Melissa got arrested for the murder of her twelfth daughter, Maria Alvarez. On February 17, 2007, paramedics were called to the Lucio residence because two-year-old Mariah was unresponsive and not breathing. According to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, Mariah was found at home with signs of abuse on her body.

Mariah reportedly had scattered bruising, bite marks on her back, patches of hair that were pulled out, and a broken arm. According to Lucio,  Mariah had fallen off the stairs two days earlier, leading to her injuries. Lucio was found guilty of capital and convicted of death. Her execution was set for April 27, 2022, but an appeals court granted her a stay on April 25, 2022.

What Happened to Melissa Lucio Twins?

Melissa Lucio’s twins have been given up for adoption. Melissa was pregnant during the court proceedings and her convictions.

Currently, she is held at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas, where she awaits conviction.

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