In the mid-1980s, the infamous American drug dealer known as Rich Porter became popular in the Harlem neighborhood during the crack epidemic.

Police describe him as a mid-level crack dealer who sold $50 thousand worth of illegal drugs a week.

Although police have not released a detailed investigation into the life and death of Rich Porter, many believe that he was responsible for the deaths of at least a dozen people.

Porter’s life was filled with tragedy. In 1990, he was murdered in a shooting in the Bronx. His killers left behind a merch company called RichStrands that uses the likeness of Porter to promote their products.

He was found shot several times in the head. Eventually, police charged Alpo Martinez, who killed Porter and left him in a coma. The murder was a violent act and he died as a result.

In addition to being a successful drug dealer, Porter also had a high profile in the fashion industry. He worked with fashion designer Azie Faison and was well-known in the Harlem neighborhood for his flashy lifestyle.

He had several luxury vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz and an Audi TT.

During his early career, Porter began selling drugs. As a youngster, he was a successful peddler.

But when he was arrested, he was discovered to be a middle-level crack dealer. The gangster, Alpo Martinez, was a member of the infamous Rich Porter crew.

What happened to Rich Porter little brother?
what happened to Rich Porter little brother

What happened to Rich Porter little brother?

In 1989, Rich Porter and his brother Richard were kidnapped in Harlem. He had been a teenage prodigy, but he became a street star by slinging crack. The kidnappers wanted $500k in exchange for Porter’s safe return. Unfortunately, Rich Porter had no money to pay for his own release and his murder. However, he knew a man who might be able to help him find the money.

After Rich Porter’s death, his children began running a merch company, RichStrands. The merch company spread Rich Porter’s image through apparel.

As of the year 2022, there is no information regarding what happened to Rich Porter little brother.

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