This type of fetishism involves a feeder who is attracted to a partner who has a large belly. This is an act of dominance and power for the feeder.

The act of feeding can also cause the gainer to lose mobility and become unable to perform simple tasks. This can also lead to severe obesity. What is a feeder relationship?

What is a feeder relationship and how does fat fetishism work

A feeding relationship is characterized by a sexual attraction to a person’s body fat. A feeder is attracted to the larger part of the person, while the seeker is attracted to the skin.

A relationship between a skinny guy and a larger woman is often a sign of this fetish. The woman may be interested in the man’s girth, but she is also drawn to his belly.

A feeder relationship is a type of sadomasochism, where one person enjoys helping the other person gain weight. The feeder is attracted to a gainer because he finds the journey to obesity appealing.

The gainer, on the other hand, is the one who has gained weight and often gets help from the feedee. Both parties seek to achieve the same goal: a round belly. The gainer is also interested in preventing the gain elsewhere on the body.

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